EUA tomoz and hystermectomy next week IM SO SCARED

I hate what’s going on but there’s nothing I can do about it :frowning:
EUA is tomoz, I have to be at the hospital for 7.30am and I really don’t want to do it, can anybody tell me what to expect please? Are you sore after? Then next week is my big day, how I’m going to cope after my op I just don’t know, I’m a active person and i know I’m not going to cope in any way. :frowning:

Once you have been dianoised does the fear ever leave you.? I mean even if you get the all clear what with 3 months check ups which is what I will be on, its a constant worry isn’t it, what if it comes back, anything that happens your going to think cancer has come back. Does it ever get better? I just feel I need to learn to except that cancer will be part of my life now and always be there in some form, even if not in my body but my mind with all the check ups etc.
I do feel my life now has changed and will stay that way.

Dear Monster,

I know this is a really sucky and tough situation. You have just been diagnosed. Anyone including myself will feel terrified. The fear of treatment, cancer, and recurrence are normal reactions. Give yourself time and permission to feel what you feel and to grieve over the losses. When I was diagnosed, I cried buckets on many occassions over the possibility of recurrence. But I assured you that it will get better over time. Early stage cancers like yours are highly curable!!! I had an emergency C-section and a radical hysterectomy within 1 month. It took me about 1-2 months to recover my mobility due to 2 major ops. I had a urine catheter for 2.5 weeks after the RH before my bladder function was restored. You will get better and stronger with each passing day. Slowly but surely. Right now, try to take each day as it comes to get through with the treatment. During recovery from the surgery, rest more. If you have energy, do your favourite things like watching TV, listen to music, read books. One step at a time. God bless!

Hi :)

I have been provisionally staged at 1b2 pending results of EUA and MRI and i had an EUA on 4/12 and apart from some light bleeding (which I have had since mid november when I had biopsies taken anyway) and some discomfort when having a wee for a couple of hours afterwards I have had no other issues. I just drank lots of water following the EUA to help get everything back to normal.

As I'm still in the staging process I can't really offer any information on anything else you mention.

Hope it goes well

Take care 


Ashleyberry were you able to wee the first time the catheter came out? I’m so sorry what you have had to go through and all so close together it must of been awful.
Madruskrat thank you also for your reply, hopefully it will be ok. I keep thinking I’m mad, I’m scared about a little examation when I’v got a major op next week.
Its a horrid journey we are on isnt it girls, how about a group hug :slight_smile: x

Group hugs! My oncologist tried to remove the catheter on the 2nd week and let me wee on my own. But I couldn't empty my bladder fully. So she put the catheter back on. I cried that day, feeling awfully sorry for myself. But actually, it's very common and it takes a while for the bladder function to restore. Silly me. So just be patient if yours take a while. It took about 2.5 weeks for me.