EUA After RH


Has anyone had to have an EUA after a radical hysterectomy? I have to go for biopsies and for a camera into my bladder. Plus some silver nitrate treatment for granulation tissue.

Just wondering if this is quite common, and what to expect on the day of the procedure and after it, any bleeding/pains etc.

I have previously had a Llets treatment so Im wondering if its similar to that?

Any help appreciated!

Amy xx

I’m sorry Amy, I don’t know anything about this, but I just wanted to wish you well. I see EUA means Examination Under Anaesthetic. I can only imagine you are having some side effects or complications? You don’t say how long ago you had the hysterectomy and what your staging was. Hopefully some other ladies who have had a hysterectomy can help you. X

Hi Amy,

I had and EUA when my treatment plan was discussed. Initially I was staged as 2a and following EUA the surgeon told me that it wasn’t possible to operate and remove all the tumour thus my stage was changed to 2b and I did chemo rads. It is not a painful procedure. I went to the hospital they put me under general anaesthetic and when I woke up I was discharged. I felt only a little sore down there but next day I was completely fine.
I would assume they just want to have a better look on your pelvic area if everything was removed and sometimes they also take samples for biopsies if they see anything suspicious.

Hi Jacks,

Thank you.

I had my hysterectomy May 21, was stage 1b2 adenocarcinoma. Was given the all clear but had to go back to clinic last week after having back pain and discharge.

They could see some granulation tissue but also felt something behind it that they want to check out, so that’s why they are sending me for the EUA XX

Hi Maria,

Thank you for your reply. If you dont mind me asking how long did your EUA take? Did you need to be intubated?

Ive asked for sedation rather than general if possible but the hospital have said that that is up to the anesthetist on the day xx

Hi Amy,
I am not sure about that if I remember correctly it was only 10-15 min the whole procedure. I wasn’t intubated during the EUA but I had to go early to do some tests prior of the procedure. I believe the general anaesthetic has to do that they want to check also the adjacent organs such as bladder etc but obviously it is worth a try to ask if it can be don’t under sedation. Looking myself I was more relief that it was under general anaesthetic as otherwise I would be very nervous.

Thanks Maria, i had sedation when i did egg retrieval i prefer that to general as it didnt make me sick.

But ill just wait and see what they say on the day. Thank you for your help xx

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