Surgery Tomorrow

Hi ladies hope everyone is keeping well. Had my pet scan on Friday to determine whether I am a 1b or 2b as mri wasn’t clear enough. I haven’t had the results of this yet. I am booked in for surgery tomorrow and my consultant advised after mri results that he will do a eua and then from that and the pet scan he will decide whether to do a hysterectomy or just take out Lympnodes. It’s really frustrating that I won’t know which one was done until I wake up after surgery.

Has anyone else been in this situation? N if so how long after I wake up will I be told? Or will I know myself (I assume I would be in less pain with just Lympnodes removal?


Wow! That's exciting! A bit like Christmas! :-)

Certainly when I came round from my hysterectomy I knew ALL about it, but mine was an unusual procedure, I wouldn't know what more normal one feels like.

Ah! I see that I am a day late, in which case you are probably out for the count right now. Hope everything is going well and that you feel up to telling us all about what did actually happen when you feel fit enough.

Be lucky :-)

Hi tivoli

I have been meaning to reply for a day or two but have just been to exhausted.

So pet scan and eua was clear no spread so they went ahead with the hysterectomy.

Feeling completely shattered with a lot of trapped wind in shoulders neck drinking peppermint tea so hopefully it will calm down soon.

I'm home was sent home yesterday after just little over 48hrs and as much as I'm glad to be home I feel now maybe a little too soon.

My consultant says surgery went well and got clear margins so it will just depend on the Lympnodes now will find out in a few weeks so fingers crossed.

Excellent news! Thanks so much for telling us.

You take it nice and easy now, some gentle walking when you feel up to it may help to shift that gas :-)

Be lucky :-)

Hi toughcookie 

Glad to hear the good news, hope you are getting plenty of rest and recovering well.

Take care

Shell xxxx



Hi Tough Cookie When I had my hyster I didn't know if I'd wake up with a colostomy or ileostomy or both. It was the first thing I felt for when conscious. I'd had neither. I was so grateful. So I know the apprehension of the unknown. Hope the lymph nodes are clear for you Jayne