EUA tomoz and hystermectomy next week IM SO SCARED

I hate what’s going on but there’s nothing I can do about it :frowning:
EUA is tomoz, I have to be at the hospital for 7.30am and I really don’t want to do it, can anybody tell me what to expect please? Are you sore after? Then next week is my big day, how I’m going to cope after my op I just don’t know, I’m a active person and i know I’m not going to cope in any way. :frowning:

Once you have been dianoised does the fear ever leave you.? I mean even if you get the all clear what with 3 months check ups which is what I will be on, its a constant worry isn’t it, what if it comes back, anything that happens your going to think cancer has come back. Does it ever get better? I just feel I need to learn to except that cancer will be part of my life now and always be there in some form, even if not in my body but my mind with all the check ups etc.
I do feel my life now has changed and will stay that way.


I read your message and didn’t want to pass by and not say good luck, and send lots of hugs. I’m sorry I don’t know what an EUA is, but hope someone else will come along and answer your questions.

Good luck xx


I didn't have an EUA so can't help with that - alothough I have heard that they are very quick, simple and painless.  I think people just tend to be a bit tired after the GA. 

In terms of 'getting on with life' this really varies from person to person.  For me I haven't found it too difficult.  I do panic when I get an ache, pain or bump, but I refuse to let it rule me.  I have a rule.  I ignore it and if it is still there in 3 weeks I see the doctor!  Usually as soon as I stop fixating on it, it goes away.  I have just had an investigative MRI due to pains that didn't go away after 3 weeks and that has come back all clear (and the pain has now gone!).  SO even if you need to have investigations it is often just normal stresses and strains of our bodies - that our minds blow out of proportion!!

The 3 month checkups are stressful, but I also find them incredibly reassuring. After the whirlwind of treatment it can feel a little like you've been abondoned by the doctors to 'get on with it', so having the 3 month checks is my time to check in with them, get some reassurance and know that they are watching me like a hawk!

You will have hard times, but it does get easier and you do learn to live with it.  I even go days now where cancer never pops into my mind - something I thought impossible when first diagnosed. 

Good luck with the op. xxxx

Well by now you'll be having or have had your EUA so I hope it went well
(that stands for Examination Under Anaesthetic Janet :-)
Really sound advice from Nellie - yes the anxiety does diminish after time and no cancer won't be with you the whole of the rest of your life. Follow-up examinations after treatment are anxiety-inducing for the first few but after a while you get used to hearing that you are still fine and there's nothing to worry about and you begin to take it in your stride. By now I am 4 years in with only one more year left and to be honest with you I sometimes consider not bothering to attend because I KNOW I'm fine and cancer-free.

Be lucky :-)