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Hi all

Im currently awaiting a radical hysterectomy, attended appointment to receive my date and complete pre op. Was told at the appointment that I have ti go in first to have an examination under aneasthetic to check my bladder for spread. This would not concern me however I had been told that my MRI showed no signs of spread, so am now concerned and confused, has anyone else had this? This procedure is booked for 7th June and I have been told that I will recieve my date at this appointment.

Any advice would be great

Leanne xx

Hi Leanne 

this is completely normal, I was diagnosed with stage 1b1 and was scheduled to have a trachelectomy and they didn't think it had spread but they still gave me an EUA beforehand.

i think it's just to make doubly sure. 

Good luck :) x

Hi hun,I had EUA and MRI. These results will make the treatment plan for you. I was diagnosed on the 26th April and officially staged on 10th May. Ive just had a radical hysterectomy with ovaries removed and also lymph nodes removed. I visit my consultant again 2 weeks on Wednesday to get full results from lymph nodes xxx hope all goes well

Hi Leanne,

Just to add to the reassurances - this is completely normal in terms of the hospitals following procedure. They want to make sure that they are completely and utterly correct that there is no spread. If they didn't do it, it would be more remiss then if they did!

I was diagnosed with 1b1 and had an EUA with pelvic lymph node removal at the same time and then ten days later was in for my trachelectomy.

I have my fingers crossed that all goes well for you!



Hi there thanks for replying, we were diagnosed around the same date, how are you feeling after the op? im scheduled to have the same as you, reassuring that it is a routine thing, was confusing information from the appointment, hope you heal quickly xx 

leanne xx


Thanks for replying, very reassuring xx

leanne x

Thanks for replying and providing reassurance.

many thanks 

Leanne xx


Hiya Hun I wasn't given my operation date until a week later as the surgeon had to cancel some other operations to fit me in. I'm ok, although today is a bit of a rough day. Just been to see my own GP who seems to think it's because of me needing HRT. They never discussed this with at all in the hospital and she said they should have started me on a low dose immediately after the operation. Perhaps you can discuss this before you go in. You will deffo need HRT if they take your ovaries too.

Hi all

i haven't been on for a while, im still waiting for my hysterectomy op, date at the moment is 20th July.

i am currently completing a complaint to the first hospital where I was diagnosed as at the diagnosis they told me that the cancer had been removed with clear margins at the Lletz procedure I had in April so all my treatment was precautionary. I then got transferred to another hospital for the treatment and was scheduled in for an examination under anaesthetic, I assumed this was normal procedure but on the op date i was told that this examination was to stage the cancer (which I was told had been removed) this caused upset and confusion, I then had appointment with consultant to get my hysterectomy op date, I queried why I was being staged and was told and shown the paperwork which doesn't ever state that the tumour had been removed with clear margins, only one margin was clear! Then my date for my op was given for 20th July 5 weeks from my last appointment, I'm struggling with anxiety and also struggling to continue working full time as I can't concentrate or focus, not really sure what to do with myself, sorry for the long report xx 


Gosh that is awful, I am so sorry to hear that they messed up so badly!

I would also like to add I had a cone biopsy before my trach so think that that gave them an opportunity to check everything under GA.

It is totally normal to feel like that, I think I just got signed off work when I was diagnosed if I remember rightly.

Sending hugs x