Emosh from LLETZ

Hi, 3 days since LLETZ procedure… I feel so low and just emotional - has anyone else experienced this or is just me?

Nope, not just you, I’ve been feeling the same (although starting to feel a bit more human again now). Mine was on Friday and I’ve been surprised how much it’s taken it out of me. Been feeling really weepy and exhausted. Not been sleeping all that well, either which is really unusual for me. The women that did it were all lovely and supportive - it was as good an experience as it could be, but it’s still felt like a lot to deal with. Hope you start to feel a bit more like yourself soon x

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Completely agree with you, really takes it out of you in a way I wasn’t expecting. Like waves of emotions, more low than highs.
Big hugs and hope the rest of your healing goes well x


Been feeling the same way

I had my 3rd LLETZ on the 5th of January and am surprised at how emotional and low it has made me this time, even 2 weeks later. I was a complete mess of tears for the whole of yesterday and just wrote the day off. Start again today and hope for a better day. Go easy on yourself.

It’s just crazy isn’t it. I was teary all day - it like your happy hormones are gone and just emotional ones are there leaving you to feel not good x lovely sunrise this morning - hope everyone has a better day x

I’d normally go for a hot bath when I’m feeling low -doesnt help not being able to! Definitely one day at a time, you’re right :slight_smile: x