Feeling hormonal/emotional post Lletz treatment

Hi all, just wondering if my hormones can be affected after a Lletz txt. Procedure was 6 days ago and I've feeling really emotional and teary for the last few days. Could it just be that I'm feeling low and need to give myself time to heal both psychologically and physically. I'm going through the menopause so maybe its a mixture of both. I don't like the feeling of being out of control of my emotions, to be honest its a little scary - I'm snapping at my family and upsetting everyone including myself. ???

Morning. I had my lletz 5 days ago on Wednesday and I've been feeling really emotional on and off, I think its normal 

Hi There,

I had my Lletz today and I been crying like a baby recently and I been so moody snapping at people around me as well... Today even more...I been told is normal to be emotional  and if you are dealing with menopause as well must be even harder...

I am not an expert but I been doing a lot of breathing exercises and it helps to calm down a bit...when you feel you are about to explode go in a quiet corner even if you need to hide in the toilet and focus on breathing counting to 5 for a couple of minutes (this is what my therapist recommended me).

Also, try herbal remedies as well like teas or supplements. I do that and sometimes helps sometimes not but worth trying.

If you feel is too much maybe call the GP and I am sure they can recommend something.

I can imagine it must be very hard and I hope you feel better soon. 

All the best!


Hi Lou,


I experienced a real emotional roller-coaster after my LLETZ and asked a similar question. It's so odd isn't it as I'm not sure that the cervix has anything to do with our hormone production so perhaps it's more the psychological trauma that we are going through?


I've no idea, but wanted to let you know you're not alone xx