Traumatised by LLETZ

Hi ladies,

Never in a million years did I think I’d find myself on these forums but here I am.
I had a LLETZ 8 days ago and I’ve been traumatised since. I’m an emotional mess and I’m absolutely terrified about the possibility of having to go through it all again.

I think the whole procedure is so downplayed and my NHS leaflet even said most are fine to return to work the same day!! That’s insane to me because the procedure was absolutely horrific.

I’m scared, I’m sad, I’m achy and exhausted. I smell like cabbage and I feel disgusting. Very unsympathetic partner who read the NHS leaflet and said ‘it can’t be that bad if they can do it with a local and says you can return to work the same day’. This whole thing absolute sucks.
I feel alone and feel like I can’t eat or sleep properly. I’m not really sure what the point of this post is. I just felt like I needed to get it out to some people who might listen!

Big love to you all :heart:



Im sorry to hear of your experience. You’re not alone with how you feel. It may be difficult for your partner to understand so dont be too hard with them.

Did you get a LLETZ booklet before you went that they can maybe look at?

I had me second LLETZ done 2 days ago and was dreading it as my first one a few years ago left me traumatised but he drs put my mind at ease.

You should get yourself a little treat. ( I got myself a carrot cake haha).

Everyone recovers differently from these and its harder when people dont understand. This is what these forums are for :). I hope you feel better soon and rant away. We are all here to support eachother x



I am so sorry you feel like this, rant away tho lovely we are all in it together.
I had my first LLetz today under GA. I went by myself as i woyld of been more emotional my partner being there . It went fine, in a bit of pain now going to spend a few days relaxing with some chic flicks.
Easier said than done but try and think positve, it will drive you crazy. Your partner sounds like a typical man yet when they get a cold its the end of the world… look after yourself, please rant away to us all if needed.



It’s really good to get it off your chest ref the LLETZ, it’s actually not a very nice procedure. I had mine done today under GA at great western hospital and they were so good albeit there were unfortunately delayed due to ventilation issues.

I have to be honest with you I wouldn’t want to go through this again, but I’m lucky that my partner went with me in the beginning to keep me calm. He was very much trying to downplay it as they’re just ‘exfoliating’ cells off to try and make me feel better about the whole thing. I think sometimes when you’re going through something like this you definitely feel a lot worse about it than the people around you perceive, hence we’re so lucky to have this forum. I definitely will not be returning to work until next week, I agree I feel it is downplayed with the pain we go through, not to mention the unpleasantries in the toilet.

I’ve not really added much with this comment, just wanted you to know you’re not alone, I’m still petrified that they may not have got all the cells, it’s funny the things our minds convince us.

Heather xx

I hope you’re recovering well, I’m currently all laid up with a hot water bottle, my cat and plenty of pads to keep me going! :joy: sending love to you x


I’m sorry you had to go through that today ladies!

I really hope you’re resting up and recovering okay. Mine was done in Gloucester royal and have since found out that you can opt of GA. I wish I had! But atleast I know now IF this arises again.

I really appreciate all your replies xxx

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I was traumatized also by having lletz procedure. The anesthetic didn’t work properly but they assured me that if I need a repeat, which I think I will because cin 3 is still present. I could have it under general anesthetic. Which is the only way I would agree to it. Don’t worry.


Sorry you’re feeling so bad. My first one was okay but left me floored. Took me a few days to feel able to get about. Second one was way worse. It was a man who was standing in for someone else and his attitude was awful and procedure was horrible,sore and very uncomfortable.
Take it easy and spoil yourself. Hopefully that’s you and you don’t need to go through it again. :crossed_fingers: xx


The point of your post is to let it all out. You go girl. Let everyone know that lletz procedure is horrific and Should be done under general anesthetic. I had my 1st in September and I was ok with it. 2nd in November and that was horrific. The anesthetic didn’t work and the Dr said that he didn’t understand why. Several injections later it still didn’t work but he said he had to carry on. I thought I was going to bleed to death if I didn’t keep still. Ended up me having a panic attack but must say that the nurses were amazing. My cancer was removed but cin 3 is still present but to my surprise after calling the hospital and speaking with the nurse, she said that I could have a lletz procedure under general anesthetic next time. That is what needs to be done. No way would I do that again.


So sorry to hear of your awful suffering. I had the procedure today and was offered sedation not full blown GA. I have a retroverted cervix wlth CIN3
and a Pacemaker. My smears are always so so painful, I can only image how horrendous LLETZ must be when awake. :sleepy: I was told 2 -3 week wait for results, is this average ladies does anyone know? Bigs hugs all xx

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I was told 3-4 weeks for my results so I’m guessing it’s area dependant? Hope your recovering well and looking after yourself xx

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Have found this website as a feeling the same!
Had lletz last week and it was AWFUL. Got half way through and the doctor said we could stop and I could do it under general anaesthetic, but I get major anxiety over travel so wasn’t really thinking straight. (Legs akimbo and six people around also does not help for straight thinking).
I burst into tears afterwards.
My legs shook, the metal thing wouldn’t come out after, it was exhausting and achey.
I went back to work today, but am still not feeling right.
And I was feeling pathetic as all the leaflets were “oh, it’s so simple blah de blah get on with it”.
Much sympathy to all!

Hi sooze123
I totally understand and agree. I read the leaflet too. I was so embarrassed at the end of the procedure, I went into the worst possible panic attack and then just sobbed. Normally I am good with pain but that was horrendous pain. 2 weeks after the lletz I had a massive bleed and a huge blood clot came out so I took myself to A n E at 11pm. I actually took a photo of it to show the doctor. Thanks to my photo I was admitted to the gyno ward straight away and had no explaining to do. I was checked out and discharged at 4am with antibiotics and pills to stop the bleeding. With the 2 lletz that I have had I bled for 6 weeks after. Not a lot but it was very annoying.

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Hi all,

I’m really glad to have read this thread. I had my lletz a week ago today and tbh, felt absolutely fine for about 3 days apart from on the day after my anaesthetic wore off. However, since Sunday, the amount of stuff coming out, the discomfort and the almighty tiredness have honestly floored me. I never got any info prior to treatment and got the most ridiculous leaflet on leaving. I’m amazed how downplayed it is, I spoke to a nurse I know and she described it as ‘brutal’ but yet not one professional I spoke to in the whole process nor any generic information online gives any inclination. It’s only when you come on here that you realise. What a crazy experience. I’m here with you all counting down the days until normality resumes. Good Luck x


Hi. I actually said to the nurse during the procedure that I was not expecting this to happen. I thought they were just having a look not taking bits away. She said it’s best not to inform patients beforehand because of stress. I understand that bit but to be honest when things happen out of my control I panic. I have to go back in 6 months and have been advised to get a plan in action when I receive the appointment for sedation.

Having spoken to MacMillan support they advised me that it is my body and that I have to control all that I can. Obviously can’t control cancer but can control treatment procedures.

I said the same thing. it is completely down played and really is a very emotional and traumatic experience. i just had mine done 3 days ago, and am feeling the same, your not alone :heart:

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OMG. Thought I had finished the period cycle after turning 50. Last lletz on 1st November, bleeding for 6 weeks then today the heaviest period I have ever had started. What is going on with my body? Never ending!

Just jumping on to say I found it pretty difficult too. Couldn’t stop my legs trembling, and had to hold a nurses hand (which is not something I would usually want/think would help). The doctor was great, but wow, I could feel it. Not necessarily or solely pain but my body was warning me. At one point my vision failed. Later on I’ve come to think that the vision thing was the point where he accidentally cut an artery but everything was soldered up after so he didn’t know at the time. Two weeks later it burst and I nearly bled to death in an and e while they were simultaneously replacing my blood and platelets. I still cry about it. It’s no small thing and it’s not cool that your boyfriend isn’t being supportive or trying to stretch his imagination to what you’ve experienced. Take it very easy for a good wee while while your body heals. Mine was about 3.5 months ago and I’ve only just started relaxing during sex again. The idea of having to go back for a repeat would put me off being cured. Take care of yourself. All treats and relaxation. X

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Thankyou for posting your story. Made me realize that I am not alone. Mine was 3 months ago and I still haven’t gotten it out of my head. Dreading the next appointment. My plan is not to sign the agreement from for treatment on that day at clinic. That way I will be in control of any further treatment needed.