Lletz experience second

Hi, I had my second lletz today and the experience was absolutely traumatic. The first time after the first needle o didn’t feel a thing yes it was uncomfortable but bearable.
This second time I could feel the burn and kept getting sharp pains - has anyone experienced this?
Mortified as I was crying and did scream a few times.
As for results has anyone had to every have a third lletz as I’m unsure I could cope?

So sorry to hear this, Aspicsxoxo. What a horrible experience you have had. Sounds like the team were not taking enough care of you - nothing wrong with crying and screaming if someone is hurting you. I’m surprised they carried on. Let’s keep everything crossed that this is successful. I don’t think they would do a 3rd LLETZ, and if something was needed the chances are it would be done under GA as it would be difficult. I hope you’ve got someone with you who can look after you this evening and that your recovery will be quick. Thinking of you. X

They said now that they had started they had to finish the treatment, was not nice.
Yes I’m hoping this is the end now. Thank you for your reply xxx