Early Menopause


I will be starting treatment soon, I’m only 33 and a bit worried about the unknown of going through menopause early.
Just curious to know from women who have been through this so you feel like you have changed a lot since going through this?
Are there obvious physical changes?
Do you still keep as active as before?

Amy x

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Hi Akj

I finished treatment mid feb, standard chemo rads. My last period was I think late January. Anyway, it seems like I should be suffering with menopause symptoms at this point but so far nothing (except bigger boobs :clinking_glasses:). I think I’m less flexible because I used to be able to touch my toes and beyond super easily, and now I feel a bit creaky when I stretch. But it’s not very noticeable. There are a lot of people on here who do HRT which I can’t do because of my tumor type (a lot of controversy over Adenocarcinoma and HRT)—whether you go that route or not, there will be people to advise. It seems so personal to each woman what, if any, menopause symptoms materialize.


Hu Akj,

I was in your age when I was diagnosed… I am sorry for what you are going through. Regarding menopause itself it was not too bad for me… at the end of my treatment I started having night sweats and hot flushes that initially I thought that I had a temperature due to treatment… however, I still have them after 2.5years but not with this intense. My bigger challenge was the mind fog which I started developing following treatment. I was missing things and I become forgetful at work and I remember that I was really struggling to remember things. For me HRT was out of the picture so I didn’t take them which many people report that it t is helpful. After treatment I wasn’t the same person as I was before. Other side effects were vaginal dryness and gaining weight which finally I managed to control it by being very cautious of what I am eating and I started doing yoga 5x per week. eventually I managed to loose some. It is not easy but totally manageable.

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Thanks for your reply @Lovewinz :blush:
That’s good your side effects haven’t been too bad!
Hoping I can be so lucky!
Having bigger boobs wouldn’t bother me either :joy: x

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Thank you for your reply @Maria87 :pray:t2:
I’m sorry you had to deal with so young :disappointed:
My oncologist said that they would put me on HRT are there bad outcomes of this that I should look into?
I have noticed a lot of people say they don’t go on hormone replacement therapy.
Do you feel your memory got better with time?
I love that you are doing lots of yoga, I love yoga and Pilates so would love to be able to do this after treatment (hopefully I’m not too stiff :crossed_fingers:t3:)

Hi Akj,

I didn’t use HRT because my menopause specialist was against it due to adenocarcinoma that I had and due to my history ( I was on birth control pills for many years). However there are other options to minimise hot flushes. Each person is different though… regarding my memory I think it came better afterwards but it needs time. I was quite stressed about it and I started doing activities to boost it, like reading books/puzzles/ Sudoku and diet. I started eating much healthier following treatment. I think all of these helped me a lot not only with my memory but also for my mental health.


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