Feeling bloated, stiff and like an old woman

I’m 7/8 ish weeks out of treatment- 5 chemo, 28 radio and 3 bracchy. I’m into week 5 of HRT. I went back to work last week and I’m loving being there.
However as the day goes on I get sore and stiff joints and it’s really doing my head in. My hands, shoulders and knees being mainly the issue. If I get up from a chair I’m walking all hunched over and my knees ache until I get moving. Getting up from the floor is just ridiculous to the point my colleagues will be ringing the fire service to get my up! I’ve always been a big girl but very active. I have put on weight and gone up nearly 2 sizes depending on the fit etc. I’m really trying hard with eating healthy. I’m on multi vitamins designed for menopausal women. Toward lunch time I’m needing to take painkillers now. I’m waiting on a call back from my GP to see if anything else will help, perhaps anti inflammatories. It’s really doing my head in…

Anyone else feeling or having felt this too? Will it settle down or get worse? Is it menopause?

Hi Shammy

I’m impressed you’re back at work less than 2 months after completing your treatment. Yor body has been through a lot and is still recovering; maybe you should be resting more? maybe less hours for a while?


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Hi Shammy,

I went back to work about 11 weeks after treatment finished, just 4 hours a day to start with went back full time after New year break. I do get pains in knees and hips at times not enough to take anything for it but I’m definitely stiffer now not that I was that flexible to start with!!
I’m putting all down to after effects of radiotherapy and the cold weather probably doesn’t help. I’m in Scotland so it does get cold.
It’s still early days so fingers crossed things will gradually improve.

Take care xx

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Thanks for your replies. . Unfortunately with my job it’s all or nothing. But its helping my mental health so.much. I also start counselling next week.
My mum developed arthritis at my age and it was thought to be triggered by stress/trauma. My father had suffered a massive heart attack just weeks before. Hoping then it’s just normal after effects of treatment and maybe menopause. Hopefully settled. Until then I’ll just keep losing weight and keeping moving forward xxxx

Hi Shammy, sorry to hear your joints are acting up, I find this annoys me post treatment too and is certainly worse in the colder weather. I would definitely ask your GP for something for your bone health. I was recently advised to take the max dose of calcium and vit d for my bone health as a preventative measure following the radiotherapy. They are in the one tablet and I take them twice a day. I can keep you posted if you like :slight_smile: I’ve also recently purchased some of the revive joint complex sachets as they get excellent reviews for this kind of thing. Give those a Google too. Also random but I find an electric blanket in bed at night really helps my joints :joy: hope some of that helps xxxx

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Thank you so much for your reply, I will most definitely check those out. I have been taking perfect 7 plus multi vitamins. Supposedly for menopause but I guess they just aren’t doing the job. Perhaps I need to focus on particular supplements.
It’s all very mind boggling!

It definitely is :see_no_evil: if your on to your gp ask about the calcium and vit d and they should be able to prescribe the right dosage for you etc… radiotherapy is very hard on the body never mind the menopause lol take care xxx

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