Joint pain and stiffness

Hi everyone hope you are all keeping well I just wanted to see if anyone had experienced anything similar???

I am 4 months post treatment and just recently have started to feel quite stiff in my legs and even more recently in my wrists and hands… it’s so painful it actually woke me up at 2am and I couldn’t get back to sleep even after having ibruprofen and pain killers.

My recent MRI showed no evidence of disease which is great and I’m very thankful. But I have only had a very brief phone call with my consultant to advise this and she said I need an internal exam check up soon, and when I mentioned the stiffness she said it was probably due to pre menopause and that they would look at it after my appointment (which im still waiting for)

This probably sounds so ungrateful and I promise it’s not coming from that kind of place at all but I just feel forgotten…. I’m still suffering the effects of the cancer treatment even if I’m clear of it… I was very lucky during treatment and had no real side effects at all but I am in pain and it’s stopping me doing even basic tasks and just want someone to help me with this pain. :frowning:

Anyway well done if you made it this far haha!!

Thanks for listening xx


Hi Ruby

I’m about a month behind you timeline wise and I’m exactly the same. My hips, neck and shoulders. I feel about 90years old. I’m waiting for referral to the menopause clinic.

I’m so glad about your NED. What fantastic news. You’re one of the first posters I read on here just before my proper diagnosis. It’s lovely to hear you are doing well

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Hi George… thanks for your reply! hope your doing well, I used the forum so much when I was diagnosed it was such a help -
I am also in the ‘I feel like I’m 90’ club! Haha.

I definitely think it’s menopause related I’ve also been trying to function with an internal body temperature of 900 degrees :hot_face:

Doctors are being so slow I haven’t even had a referral or anything. I’m tempted to just try my GP but I’ll ring my consultant today I think!!

How are you coping with the symptoms? Ive tried ibruprofen tablets and also tried voltorol gel but it doesn’t even ease the pain a little


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Hi Ruby

It’s crap isn’t it? It’s the hormonal stuff that is upsetting me most. My skin is terrible- I have teenage spots again. I’m lucky I don’t have the hot flashes. Yet.
I have a long standing back injury so sadly I’m used to being sore. I’ve been doing some Pilates and gentle stretching and mostly just getting on with it :frowning:
My oncology consultant did prescribe me HRT but it’s the really old style stuff so I’m waiting for the menopause clinic. If I don’t get a referral soon I’m going to TELL my GP what I want :laughing:
My post treatment scan is 9th August. How long after your scan did you get your results?
It’s so hard at the moment. I’ve nearly go my life back to not but I feel sad a lot of the time and I just can’t seem to find myself. Not sure that makes sense. Sorry.

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I had the menopause three years ago and maybe feeling a bit stiff is just an age thing, but since I started my treatment I’ve felt a lot stiffer in my legs, I feel like I need a wheelchair! I think it could be due to circulation because of lack of exercise maybe?
I do empathise with your feeling of being forgotten. You see medical staff every day for ages and then your treatment ends and it feels very anticlimactic. It’s not even as if you can just go back to your old life. My GP has been very non-helpful and I’m betting I don’t have any contact from them while I’m waiting for my 6 week check up. You go from being the centre of attention of so many people to often being very alone, so the feeling of being forgotten about is one I’m betting a lot of people experience.
As we say here “keep a haad”, I hope you start feeling better soon :blush:

I forgot to add: I drink valerian tea, usually Dr Stuart’s Valerian Plus (Holland and Barrett have it, and some health food/whole food shops) and it’s wonderful at dealing with hot flushes. It’s very calming and relaxing (valerian is the active ingredient in Nytol) I find two bags in a mug of hot water at night just before bed is good for getting off to sleep. Through the day I have a lavender and valerian one made by Hampstead Tea, with elderflower cordial, and this also chills well. It kind of stops you having symptoms of stress and worry too x

Hi there.
I’m 33 and have cervical cancer 3c- finished my radiotherapy/ chemo back in April and had a scan in July . Scan was mostly successful in that no distant disease and the tumour has shrank quite substantially. There is still a bit there and no more treatment until my next scan at the end of October.
I have over the last two weeks been experiencing aches in both legs and feet just at the lower end and it seems so much more painful when I’m resting them. My feet are in so much pain when I get up from bed in the morning too and it takes about 5 mins for them to get back to normal. Just a menopause symptom? No swelling or redness!
I have picked up my HRT but I have been a little nervous to take it but I think I need to. I have been told that due to my age- breast cancer won’t happen. Also worried the pain could be more cancer!!

I am 10 months post treatment.
Through treatment I had all of the usual side effect but I was never sick and coped well. Post treatment everything was good until recently stiffness and pain in hips. Leg cramp and muscle spasms in legs even ankles. I am so tired. I have been told this could be a late side effect of chemotherapy.
Wishing everyone good health and happiness.

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Lyds2121, if you’re worried about these aches and pains, please do not hesitate to talk to your health care team. You must have an oncology nurse you can have a chat with. They will have dealt with thousands of cases and will be able to reassure you or get something tested if need be. Xx

I have mentioned it to them but they don’t want to bring forward my next scan . I’m seeing a doctor on Wednesday about both of my legs and feet as they are in constant agony! From below the kneecap. They hurt more when at rest. It’s been about a month now and seems to be getting worse? Anyone had this issue?
I think that because my last scan was so positive that my oncologist is just thinking of that.
This is really getting me down now as I don’t have a moment of the day where I’m not in pain

How very odd, Lyds - I do hope your doctor will have some idea what is happening - there’s a chance of course it’s not related at all to your treatment, but I can understand it’s scary when anything doesn’t seem right, and the pain sounds awful. :cry:

Thank you Jacks!

Hi Petal,
These symptoms all sound familiar to what I’m going through. I didn’t even realise that chemotherapy could have lasting symptoms like that.

Chemotherapy (including with platinum based drugs) can cause CIPN - chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy - damage to the peripheral nervous system, which manifests early in numbness and tingling in the extremities (hands and feet) and can progress as a late effect with pain as well. I don’t think it’s easy to diagnose these things, and there can be other reasons for bilateral pain in feet and legs (and unilateral pain; for example thrombosis) - so it’s important that each of you receive individual exploration and medical attention. It’s important not to try to self-diagnose, but equally to make sure that you are ‘heard’ and someone is doing something to help you! I hope you all can get the help and treatment you require. X

Hey everyone

Thanks for your comments and so sorry to hear we are all in pain. So quick update … over 2 months into HRT and the pain is no better (worse in fact) it’s worse in my left hip and my legs but also my hands are so painful (I can no longer grip properly. I am 41 and surely this isn’t normal. It hurts constantly, I honestly feel like one day I’m going to wake up and not be able to walk :frowning:

I guess I’m at the point where I should contact someone but I have this horrible fear that it’s cancer in my bones… I’m probably just being a bit dramatic but my instinct as usual is to hide away haha. Not really sure what the point of this post is except to have a winge and give my husband a break!

Hope everyone is feeling a bit better!

Sending love xx

Sorry to hear this - I would think this is much more likely to be menopause symptoms than bone cancer all over your body…It does sound to me like it’s hitting you very hard and the HRT is not helping you enough. Is it possible you’re taking something that is contributing to the joint pain as well? I had a very long perimenopause and menopause - I’ve now had radiation treatment so I should be well over it but I still get the occasional hot flush… and I’m 64…. What your post has just reminded me is that my stiff painful joints in my hands, which I was wondering if it was the onset of arthritis - is actually not bothering me since the radiotherapy - so probably related to the menopause.

Hi Jacks and thanks for your reply :slight_smile: I was absolutely fine prior to having Cancer zero medical issues and during treatment I was also totally fine! That makes me think it’s either treatment or menopause related for sure. I know I should go back to the doctors etc but I can’t face it. Having been pretty healthy all my life it’s a real bitter pill to swallow that I just seem to be falling apart now.

I’m having a little self pity party for myself right now I know haha! I should be very grateful that I made it through but I just want to be well again now if that makes sense!? I am so over having cancer and being poorly so It’s so frustrating that I have to keep going to a doctor :rage:

Anyway thanks for letting me vent xx

Do go to the doctor, Ruby. Being forced into menopause (I’m guessing this is the case) isn’t nice for anyone - it’s completely unnatural. X

Hi Jacks

Thanks so much for your reply. Yeh forced menopause (I am 41) but I guess there is people in such a worse position and reading my messages back I think I probably sound very ungrateful for which I am sorry for now.

I’m going to email my oncology nurse tomorrow and go from there xx

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Coming to terms with feeling different or not being able to to the same things with ease as you did prior, is very difficult.

Of course the mind then takes you to the worst scenario.

I’m 40, menopausal, and my hips and legs ache. Especially in the mornings and in cold weather.
No where near as severe as you, I have been told its menopause symptoms. But if its making a normal daily routine difficult make sure you keep going back to the DR’s.

For me, I have been on HRT for over over a year and the aches have not got any worse, so maybe your body needs more time to soak up the hormones. They didn’t develop immediately either but a fee months later.

All the best