Hey again


I am less than a week post treatment.

I am having quite difficult pain in my joints, stiffness and fatigue.

Hey is this due to reduction in oestrogen?


Hi Birmingham :-)

You haven't told us what treatment you have had which makes it a bit tricky to work out. A lot of us have experienced some strangeness in the legs after a radical hysterectomy because of lymph node removal. I get the impression you have been on radiotherapy and possibly some other stuff as well. All of these various treatments seem to cause fatigue and it's possible that the stiffness has come simply from lack of exercise. It's definitely worth asking your doctor about it though. Sorry I can't be of more help than that.

Be lucky


Hi Tivoli

Sorry for the brevity of my previous message.

I had a course of daily radiotherapy and weekly chemotherapy then 3 X brachytherapy.

I am less active than I was and this probably contributes to the problem but I don't think it is the root of it.

In the morning I have to slowly unravel each hand and the soles of my feet are initially very tender. If I sit down for a period of time it takes a while to get going again.

I did have a dose of Neulasta about 4 weeks ago which can cause bone pain but only in the short-term.

I am planning to start yoga which may help.

If anyone else has any advice I would be most grateful.

Thank you 


Hi Louise,

Goodness that doesn't sound like fun at all. I have heard whispers about radiotherapy not being the best thing for bones so it may be worth speaking with your team about it. Sorry that I can't be more helpful than that.

Be lucky, and I hope you get to meet up with some of the other lovely women here too.

Lots of love



Hi Louise

I fully understand where you are coming from.  After my radio and chemo I started to experience really painful hips, knees, ankles and the soles of my feet were agony.   Im now 11 months out of treatment and can honestly say that things have improved to the extent that I hardly notice any pain unless I go for a mamouth walk (over 4 hours).  I do still have niggles and can be stiff if I sit for too long, but they dont impact me day to day.

I do take cod liver oil and this is supposed to help the joints .... whether it does or not I dont know, but I did find that the more I walked the pain started to reduce.   I have been told its a side effect of the treatments, although I never had the pain fully investigated.

Keep up the walking and hopefully things will start to heal xx

Thank you it helps to know that it is a side effect and temporary x

Hello Birmingham!

Joint stiffness is side effects of both chemo and radiotherapy. I finished chemo in September and my feet are still stiff. My back still hurts and I suspect it will for quite some time to go.. But I don't mind. So long I know it's not cancer I can deal with it. Talk to your team about it. I am sure they'll help you!

Thank you