Joint pain and stiffness from early menopause

Hi ladies, I finished my last brachytherapy on the 9th Feb 2017, I’m in the early stages of early menopause.(I am 36). I can cope with the night sweats and the hot flushes. What I am experiencing in the last two weeks is really bad joints pains. My shoulders, elbows, wrist, hands, hips etc are extremely sore and very stiff. The pain is keeping me awake at night time (along with the night sweats). I was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and if so what did they take. I’m unable to use HRT as my cervical cancer was mixed. At the moment I’m taking over the counter pain killers. I was at the hospital this week and my doctor said this is to be expected but that it will settle in a few weeks. As I have a six month old baby I am hoping that I can find something to help with the pain and stiffness sooner. Thanks Caitriona

Hi there,

i experienced the same symptoms during the first 2-3 months from finishing treatment,

I went to my gp and got a prescription for the hotflashes. Once I could finally rest without waking up constantly the joint pain and stiffness reduced greatly.

I too had a small baby when I was in treatment so I do know how you feel. I also made sure I was taking the right supplements and really making sure to drink enough water. make sure you are doing stretches to circulate blood flow and walks to move fluid around.

It does get better!!! Just make sure you are proactive.  Try not to take pain killers as your kidneys really need to recoup after treatment.  

Go discuss these symptoms with your GP. I found that my gp helped more with this then getting help from the oncology team. I was also told HRT was not a good idea.

good luck

How did your symptoms resolve? I am also suffering really severe joint pain and stiffness. I'm interested in any non pharmaceutical solutions if you have any!