dealing with the effects after treatment


anyone else struggling with after effects??mine is extreme mainly fatigue, heavy feeling in my leg and pelvic pains, contact bleeding (which they think is granulation). menopuse effects im struggling emotionally not feeling like a woman as such if that makes sense  even though i should be glad its over with,also pins and needles like electric shock in my feet and hands which seem to be getting worse , kinda hoping that id be feeling bit more human but struggle to get about some days as feel that drained and believe me iv tried everything in the book.

Hi Belle, sorry to hear you are struggling at the moment. What you have been through is a major assault on your body, and it does take some time to feel more yourself again. I was reading through the timeline on your treatment, and any one of those would be big, but to have all the treatments and spread over nearly a year means that your body has not had chance yet to recover. I had a radical hysterectomy and then chemo rads in 2014, but I had the hysterectomy first, and it was spaced over only three months. I felt tired for a very long time afterwards and I wasn't able to return to work. I was 57 at the time And had gone through the menopause, so didn't have that to deal with that on top of everything else. With the hysterectomy, and you may have had the big surgery rather than laparascopic type, you may well have had a lymphodectomy which often causes numbness, heaviness and odd sensations in your legs/pelvic region. I found this settled down after about six months or so, but I still get funny pins and needles. It's hard to know what has caused what because of all the interventions. As for the menopause, I would get advice on that from your GP as there is no need for you to suffer with all of that as well. Do give yourself time to heal. I know we all want to put it behind us as fast as we can, but it isn't always that easy, so look after yourself and don't expect too much too soon. All the very best

Hey there

Sorry to hear you're feeling low. I too had a radical hysterectomy in February and also feel shattered. I'm guessing it's normal but I do know what you mean about the side effects. I also get the groin and thigh pain and it really is a horrible feeling. I was hoping the electric shocks were a sign of maybe nerves starting to heal etc. I know what you mean though...not much fun! Fingers crossed it'll improve over time.  I'm not yet back at work as everything feels so tender still and it doesn't take much to wear me out. Hard thing is that some people seem to think that because you're up and about and looking OK, that you're feeling fine and back to normal. I think we just have to give ourselves a bit of time to heal. After all, our bodies have been through an awful lot! 

Take care and be kind to yourself :-)