Breast pain/menopause?

I am one month post treatment.

I have started to have left sided breast pain and my breast seems bigger than the right. This is confirmed by my husband, although he thinks it is the same size as it was and the right one had just shrunk.

Is this common? The pain can be quite strong-enough to wake me.

Could it be menopause symptoms. If so, can I ask at what point people had blood tests to confirm menopause?

Thanks very much.


it could possibly be menopause problems 

have you had chemo rads if so you won't need a blood test to check to see if your going through the change you will defo be thrown into it 

 I was thrown into the menapuse after finishing treatment in July 2015 I still now at every end of the month  have my period symptoms as in the sore  boobs give it a week or so and see how it feels 

onwards and upwards 

love Michelle xx 

Thanks Michelle.

i had 5 Cisplatin and 35 external beam radiation.

My consultant said I would have bloods taken by my GP. 

it makes sense, I have spots and a sore breast-I just don't know when I would have been due as I bled for so long continuously! 


Did anyone have a post treatment blood test for female hormones?