Due for smear test next month

Hi all,

In 2012 I had borderline changes on my first smear result & was sent for a coloscopy, they then took a biopsy from me & I got told to go back in 6 months time as this showed cin 1 & the gynao said this would more than likely clear on its own. I also had HPV present. then was referred back to my nurse for a smear in a years time which came back normal & was told to go back to routine smear tests so the next one is next month. I know this is going to sound crazy as I'm a natural worrier anyway but I'm absolutely dreading going for my next smear test incase there are abnormal changes & I have more visits to the hospital. What is the likely hood of having abnormal smears again after them going back to normal? I had CIN 1 which then cleared on its own. I'm just really anxious as just had a baby 6 weeks ago & I have this dreaded feeling of getting really sick. I'm obviously going to keep up to date with my smears but I'm really struggling with this next one.

Hi there, I completely understand your concerns. Usually HPV does disappear by itself, this happened to me. I had a six month follow up smear and all was fine. You said that you had CIN1 and it went back to normal so there is every chance that your smear will come back fine. I know it's hard but try not to worry in the meantime and if it is bad news you can deal with it when you need to. Im sure that you will be fine though :)