12 monthly smear due. panicking. help?

Hi everyone, I'm new here and decided to join because I don't talk to anyone about my situation because they just tell me it's the doctors being "overcautious"


Last year I got my first letter for smear. I booked it and got results within 6 days saying colposcopy for borderline changes and high level hpv. 

I had my colposcopy which the results came back on Christmas eve as abnormal biopsy.

I was told I had to repeat my smear after 12 months and that day is a week today. 

I'm dreading this. Are there any chances the biopsy could have been wrong?! What are the chances of all my results being okay?! I've read about cin. But none of my results said anything about cin

Just about borderline changes and an abnormal biopsy. I'm so confused

 Please help me 

Thanks in advance x

Hi there - I had much the same as you one year ago, borderline smears and abnormal colposcopy results. I had my repeat colposcopy (instead of smear) 5 weeks ago and am expecting the results any day. I wasn't tested for HPV last year but was tested for it 5 weeks ago.


If the results were abnormal its likely it was CIN1, which more often than not, clears up on its own. Hence why they leave us a year before checking again. If it hasn't cleared up on its own, it usually develops so so so slowly, that it would not have developed into cancer within one year. It most likely either went away on its own, or developed to CIN2 which is very treatable.

Lets hope both of our results show that it cleared up on its own. But either way, chances of it having developed into something dangerous are ridculously small. 

It was way easier to type that than it was to convince myself of it the last 5 weeks, lol.