CIN 1 and follow up appointments

So today I got my biopsy results that I have CIN 1 and High risk HPV which reflects the smear I recieved and that they are not going to treat at this stage, when I went for my colposcopy the consultant said she thought it would be 50/50 whether I needed treatment, as the area was slightly larger than she thought. Although I am so glad they have not found any cancer or serious disease, I am concerned about the time I am waiting for my follow up smear just in case it doesn't clear, NHS sites and all my friends who were diagnosed with CIN 1 have had 6 monthly smears. However they are only repeating mine in 12 months time, this doesn't seem right that I have to wait an extra 6 months to get my smear repeated. Does it depend what hospital you are at?? I rang my doctors and they were less than helpful when I asked them why I was only being checked 12 monthly and not 6, like some others I know who have same diagnosis. 


Unfortunately I had infections after my biospy and now on 3 antibiotics as I have been bleeding and have discoloured discharge for three weeks, so kinda glad I am not having to have treatment at the moment. 

Any info on this will be much appreciated! 

Hi, not in this position myself, but a close friend recently went through the same thing as you, and she has also just been told to return in a year too. xx

If you're really worried maybe consider paying for a private smear in 6 months xxx


There have been a lot of changes to how ladies are followed up after the introduction of HPV testing. This is based on studies that have been done. In those areas, repeat test at 12 months is usual now. I understand that abnormal results are worrying, it may help to know one of the reasons they wait 12 months is that in many ladies the CIN will clear up by itself, and often the immune system will clear away the HPV and to save you having to go through unnecessary treatment. If there is still CIN etc in a year, they may then treat, but they are waiting to see things go back to normal (which happens a lot). 

Try to put all this to the back of your mind for now - easier said than done I know, but otherwise it can drive you crazy with anxiety. All the best.