Done Treatment

Hi ladies

Just want to say i finished my treatment on monday this week. I am in a way glad but on the other hand i am sad and worried. I guess all u ladies have gone through all of this. I just pray that all goes well for all of us.

Go Mouse, go!

You made it through so enjoy being done with all the crap. Then, after you've done some serious celebration, you can worry about whether it's worked or not and all that other stuff we worry about.  There's a super good chance that everything has worked perfectly and you're done. You'll have checkups which will reassure you and it will get easier. Time does help. The worry gets less and less - you may not think that now, but it will get easier.


love t xx

I felt so weird leaving hospital after my last brachy. I'd got to know the staff so well, got used to seeing them every day for 5 weeks. When I left the hospital for the last time I felt really odd...cast adrift almost. The day after I was really emotional and teary. I was glad to have finished but felt like no one else understood except you ladies on here?

Sending you hugs