My Treatment is Finished

Hi ladies I am so pleased to tell you my treatment is finished Yipeeeee!! It finished yesterday with my final Brachytherapy. The consultant said my Tumour had responded well to treatment and he would see me in 6 weeks time. I can now start recovery by sleeping for a week lol I have had many highs and lows throughout my treatment and can honestly say you all made it possible for me to get through with all your encouragement and support Thank you so much. I wish all you ladies a full recovery lots of love xx

Well done u are fantastic have a great recovery xxx


Thanks ladies it feels good to be finished treatment it feels a bit strange i have no appointments for the next 6 weeks Im sure I can find something to do lol Ducky how is your treatment going I hope you are ok? I know it can be a rough ride and sometimes the symptoms can be over whelming at times but hang in there its worth it in the end. Its great to hear the good news stories this morning on the forum. Lots of love xx

So glad you have finished. I hope you are feeling good! Xx

Hi Loz its great to be finished i feel alot stronger today so hopefully it wont be long until i am back to normal. Hows work going and how are you feeling i have been thinking about you? lots of love xx

I feel great. Hayfever is worse than the treatmemt!! I felt a little tired on Friday but I only do a half day so it wasn't so bad. 

You will be back to normal before you know it!! Also my cystitis seems to have gone haha. Took long enough!! X

Hi Loz its great to hear you are doing so well. i am glad your cystitus has cleared up you had it a long time i had it once for 3 days it was a nightmare it must of been awful for you. I hope to start back to work soon i have a meeting on the 4th May with my employers it will help to feel normal again. I went out and got some of that Coconut oil today my skin is so dry its peeling i got some for my hair too i will be like a greasy chip lol when i was in having the Brachytherapy i wriggled about that much in the bed my hair got all knotted at the back i couldnt get it out i had to cut some i look like a Monk. lots of love xx

Hurrah! Missing hospital yet? ;-)

Take it nice and slowly

Be lucky :-)

Hi Tivoli thank you so much I really do not miss hospital lol Not long now until your 5 years are up I wish you all the best for a full recovery and a long and happy life you deserve it. Lots of love xx

Yeah who would have thought that it'd go so quickly eh? Glad its all over for the waiting starts. Try not to think of anything but enjoying yourself.

Take care x

Thanks poppet! :-)