Did you have these symptoms ?



I have been ooohing and aaaaahing about if to post for quite a while now , hoping that i would maybe see something relating to the issues I’m having at the minute or my smear results would turn up and answer my questions  .. I haven’t so I’m not sure if that is a good or a bad sign . 



I am currently on week 4 of the wait for my smear test result (was told 3 week wait )  , Itis my first smear which I am 6 years late for (I know I know,I regret not having it done sooner!) . I have always suffered from a discharge (13+ years) after being diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis 13 years ago I have always just thought it was that , when I had my smear taken the nurse took some swabs which came back clear , this has now got me worried as the discharge is quite thick,green,snotty it has an infection smell to it , not putrid but similar to when you have infected tonsils/chest infection, if that makes sense ? I have also been suffering with really dull lower back pain that gets worse when I walk and spreads to my pelvis/small twinges in my hips and also down the sides of my thighs , I also get it in certain sitting positions but it seems to ease if I turn onto my side . I have had this pain for maybe a year it started as a burning in my lower back only if I had walked for a long time (a few hours without rest ) but it has gradually got worse and worse this past few months especially , I have always put it down to maybe having arthritis  as i have previously suffered with upper back pain but now  I have managed to convince myself that these are all advanced cancer symptoms and even though I know I shouldn’t I have googled and googled until there nothing else left to google . My question really is for the ladies that have been diagnosed with cervical cancer were your symptoms similar ? Good or bad i would really appreciate any advice .


Thank you xx