Worried! Advice on your first symptoms?

Hi all,

Appologies for posting here when I don’t have a confirmed diagnosis but I’m after some advice. I am very worried as I went for my smear the other day (which I haven’t had for 5 years) and mentioned to the nurse that I have severe heavy periods in the last year that prevent me from doing my 1 hour work commute to London. I have been bleeding after intercourse (in the last couple of months) and pain. She mentioned a condition where cells grow outside the cervix (can’t remember what it was called) but after examination she said this wasn’t the case. She also didn’t mention polyps after the exam, which as I understand, she would usually see on the cervix. I have been married and only had one partner for 12 years so can’t be an STD, and the only other reasons Dr google gives are dryness (this wasn’t the case). My question is, are there any other reasons for bleeding and other symptoms? And i’d really appreciate anyone else’s experience of first symptoms of cervical cancer. I have also had permanent nausea for a couple of months now. I have a gynaecologist appt on tues but going out of my mind with worry!! Any advice truely appreciated x

Maybe fibroids or hormonal changes. Could be so many different things. I had early cervical cancer and actually didn't have any symptoms. My mum had terribly heavy periods where she couldn't leave the house, it was nothing serious but her doctor put her on the pill which helped. Also a colleague of mine had heavy periods and bleeding after sex. She was sent for tests and they found a benign polyp just inside her womb which they removed. So it can be so many things other than cancer. Good luck for tomorrow x

Hey lovely, 

Im sorry that you’re having an awful time, but you deffo came to the right place for support. There are many reasons for the symptoms your having and statistically you are far less likely to have cancer. Try not to go google crazy and drive yourself mad. The waiting is the worst part but hopefully things will move quite quickly and it will all be very good news. 

My first symptoms were really watery and near constant discharge, and a hip pain that was a constant ache and very different from my normal sciatic pain.

much love to you and I hope all the best, sending a million positive thoughts. 

Love emma xxx



As the previous two ladies have said, there are several possible reasons for your symptoms.  It's good that you've got a gynaecologist appointment soon.

I would also note, there is quite a long wait for smear test results in some areas (12 weeks where I am).

My first obvious cervical cancer symptom was, a watery yellow vaginal discharge which occurred several times throughout the day, didn't smell (to me) and didn't itch.  I'm embarrassed to say, it was about 3 months before I saw GP about it; I thought it was a mild infection and would sort itself out.  Gradually the discharge became slightly pink and then suddenly one day I had a significant bleed, just like a period (scary since I was menopausal).  My bleed was not associated with intercourse (I was celibate at the time), also I didn't have any pain anywhere.