Diagnosed last Tuesday

Hi all, i really didn’t want to join this club but here i am.
Diagnosed cancerous cells last week following letz treatment no clear margin taken. Was told stage one and caught early.
No symptoms at all but then im on the pill so maybe that’s why no bleeding and started HRT 4 months ago.
Plan is MRI in 4 weeks (can’t do sooner as cervix needs to heal after letz) then 2 weeks later consultant app for results. They have told me to be prepared for surgery very soon after likely hysterectomy possible.
I’m concerned that we will be 6 weeks on especially as i only had a smear 1 year before showing high HPV so this has grown within a year. I’m also unsure how they can be sure it’s stage 1… how do they know? I know the MRI will give accurate stage but how do they know they’ve caught it early when no clear margin?

I’m devastated, anxious, scared but remaining positive.

I appreciate any reply and know we are all here to help each other.
Thank you


Hi there, sounds a very similar story to me. So very sorry to hear you are going through all of this and its understandable to be scared. I had two Lletz treatments as they didnt see the tumour first time so thought they were only removing abnormal cells and they took a biopsy at the time. I got called back 4 weeks later to say it was stage 1a1 cancer and needed to wait another 2 weeks to repeat lletz treatment. They determine the staging by the width and depth of the tumour i believe. I had an MRI about 6 weeks after my second lletz and i am 1.5 weeks post surgery for a radical hysterectomy with lymph node removal. I too was worried about the length of time between first diagnosis and surgery. I found the whole thing very scary too but found great support in this group. With help from here i understood more about the processes and steps. It hasnt been an easy journey, very long as my smear was Nov 2022 and only just had the surgery. Lots of waiting for healing, next stage, results. Im in Scotland so not sure if things move quicker in other areas. I got the all clear this week following my surgery pathology report so now i have just to focus on recovery. I dont think the time between your lletz and surgery would be a problem but you could ask for reassurance. I had always had clear smears and i too found it very upsetting to get a cancer diagnosis, they say it can take from 5 to 10 years to develop! But i think smear tests arent 100% accurate. Please do know there is support out there. Ask all the questions you have and get answers. Hopefully you have a good medical team and support network. Its a scary time but you can get through it. Take each stage one at a time and try find some time for you to make sense of it all. Sending lots of love and support xx


Thank you so much for sharing your story. Great news-all clear! How lovely those words must feel.
Wishing you a speedy and painless recovery after the wait you have endured.
I’ll keep you posted on my next news, in the meantime sending love, strength and positive vibes your way xx

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Hi @Mandyh welcome to the club that no one wants to belong too. How you feeling is perfectly normally as hearing you have cancer is not news anyone wants to hear.

The MRI will give confirmation of staging however my doctor/surgeon believed from looking at me that I was at least 1b1 but after my MRI I was bumped to stage 3. I am not saying this to scare you because most of the time doctors/surgeons can tell from their own experience. Wish mine hadn’t put it in a letter as hearing I was stage 3 via a random phone call shocked me because I wasn’t mentally prepared!

Even if your staging changes a good way my lead
Gynaecology from my MDT said is stage 1/2 is surgical as the first option where stage 3/4 is chemo/ rads. Staging are all numbers on a page and it more important that you are fit and healthy generally to fight off the CC via treatment and/or surgery.

Keep a positive mindset and get all the support you can get to keep your body and mind healthy. This forum has been a gawd send for me because Doctor google (which I’ve stopped looking at after one search) would believe I could be dead next week :melting_face:

CC sucks because it’s a constant with potential progression! But that is why we have smears.

Stay strong. You have this
Much love.


Hi I was diagnosed 31st March and had LLETZ then like yourself no clear margin, I started as stage 1a 1, I had a radical hysterectomy and 4 lymph nodes removed which were all clear. I’m now 9 weeks post op and all clear. I have started menopause which is horrendous but I suppose a small price to pay. If there’s anything you need to ask or want to know please feel free to message me I think the emotional side of it all is much worse than the physical. Xxx


Morning all, I thought I would update following the longest 6 weeks of my life.

Yesterday I met with the consultant who confirmed stage 1b1. I’m so grateful it’s contained and know the diagnosis could have been a lot worse.

Treatment will be a radical hysterectomy hopefully 18th Sept. The risks were discussed and quite frankly it’s frightened the life out of me! Manoeuvring bowels and bladder wasn’t in my thoughts but here we are. They will also take lymph nodes which is normal, they do not think any involvement from MRI but will test anyway. It’s my way out so will face it with a positive manner.

I’ll post again once I’ve had surgery.

Good luck and best wishes to everyone who is facing this s**t show.

@Mandyh you’ll be glad to finally have a treatment plan. Now you can focus on beating this, the waiting game is the worst. Good luck with your surgery. x

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