Just diagnosed!

Hello, I was yesterday diagnosed with cervical cancer - it was a distressing time but I had already prepared myself for the worst as I had had some symptoms. It is really helpful to have these forums to read through as it is very lonely dealing with the news and trying to stay strong for yourself and those around you. I had 3 biopsies taken after a smear which showed severe abnormalities. All 3 biopsiesall were cancerous and the treatment will be a hysterectomy initially. I need an MRI scan first to detect any spreading - Not sure if anyone else feels the same but all my pains now seem hightened and I just feel like it may spread whilst I'm waiting for treatment. I am trying to stay positive; yesterday involved a lot of crying and was draining telling everyone but today I have woke up ready to fight this!! To top it all I have come on my period today so feel blurgghh, is a period after biopsy usually heavier does anyone know? How long does it usually take if hysterectomy is the way forward? Lots of love to all those suffering - stay strong!

Hi Ellen,

sorry to hear of your diagnosis but this is the place to be for support and advice.

I was diagnosed with early stage cervical cancer on the 23rd of September. I'd had lletz treatment at the beginning of August and thankfully seemed to have removed it. However as I had glandular cells it has been decided that a hysterectomy would be the best treatment. Mine is booked for 17th October. I presume ur biopsies would be put through on 31-62 which apparently refers to the amount of time between diagnosis and treatment. My surgeon told me that I had to have the surgery within 2 months (or 62 days) of being diagnosed. I think I'm my case the results were available a while ago but went to mdt etc which is why I didn't receive them straight away.

Be assured that things move quickly which is the best way as waiting is a bloody nightmare. Have they given you any idea of stage yet?

Keep strong 

anne x

Meant to say, I had terrible back ache during the whole waiting process but once I had a plan sorted my backache virtually went away. I think I was so tense that the muscles just constantly hurt. I know what u mean though, everything suddenly becomes cancer related which I'm sure it isnt


Thanks for replying Anne, my consultant said I should be having the surgery no later than 6 weeks from yesterday but even that seems a really long time. My MRI will be no later than 2 weeks which is good. lovely to hear your LLETZ proceedure worked, I guess the hysterectomy will make sure its all clear. I thought I would be gutted about having a hysterectomy (I'm 30 with no kids and was only just married in May this year) but I just want it out of me so I can be well again. There is no definite stage yet as all biopsies were cancerous cells so they cant determine how large the tumor is until I've had the scans. My bloods and urine were fine. It will be 1b best case scenario. Good luck with your surgery. All the best

Hi Ellen, I am so sorry about your diagnosis. It is a truly devestating time for you and I may be in your situation on Monday as I have to speak to an oncologist regarding the abnormalities found in one biopsy. I have no symptoms, at the colposcopy there was nothing unusual, the sample was taken as a precaution.


When I received the call I knew something was seriously wrong. I contacted the nurse again today, she couldn't tell me much, but I did manage to find out that more tests will be needed, scans and so on.


I pray for you and all who are going through any kind of cancer.


Stay strong, take it step by step.



Hi there. I was also diagnosed on Monday with 1b1 glandular CC. I had an MRI on Wednesday to check for spreading so appreciate exactly what your going through. I have been booked for a radical hysterectomy on 6th November and will be given my MRI results on Tuesday. I had the LLETZ treatment under GA but the clearance margins are just not there. My biggest problem right now is that since Monday every moment of my day my mind is telling me that I'm me but me with Cancer.... It's been a difficult and emotional week and I can only hope that things get easier for us. Big love 

Hi everyone,

I know just what you mean about thinking that every single ache and pain must be cancer-related. I suppose I must have felt this same thing too, though I have no recollection of it. What I do remember ever-so clearly is that after my diagnosis my husband thought he had testicular cancer (which was cured by bothering to wear underpants) skin cancer (which was cured by not picking scabs) and just about every other life-threatening illness possible. Once cancer has stepped in through your front door it's very easy to imagine that it's everywhere, but in fact that is very rarely the case.

Be lucky


Tivioli....You make me LOL!! My husband is just the same bless him.

I think that it happens alot.I have had acouple of friends go to the Dr's

with lots of real ailments..fearing the worse only to be told they are fine!

Funny old world that's for sure

Thanks for keeping me smiling :-))

Becky xx

P.S. Good luck with your scan XX

Thanks Ladies... Tivoli my husband is the same - he has spent all week with a chest infection & man flu and I have played nurse :-) It has kept me occupied which is good but he thought he was much worse than he was! Men ey!? It certainly is the worst time waiting and with having pains it makes it hard to forget but I've been so lucky to have all my friends and family around me to distract me... I have also decided to put my pushy hat on and called the hospital the day after diagnosis and asked for cancellations to speed up my scans. I had my MRI done on Wed night and was called yesterday to say there had been a CT cancellation for tomorrow - hopefully that will mean my results can be looked at and treatment decided next week (wishful thinking!)

Good luck for Monday SID, my thoughts will be with you and whatever the outcome we're all here for you.  Take care all xxx

Hi Ellen

So sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I was diagnosed with stage 1b1 on 4th August. I had a colposcopy on 4th July and bled heavily for 20 days after. And yes I could feel it once I knew. I had my mri scan on 11 August and had a radical hysterectomy on 8th September. Went back for my results yesterday and my lymph nodes were clear which means I am now cancer free!!!  Very scary 2 months of my life. 4 weeks now since surgery and healing well. I put the emotional stuff in a "box" so that needs to come out at some stage as feeling angry and robbed! Keep strong yourself. Please get in touch if you have any questions at all xxx