Late diagnosing

I was diagnosed with stage 1A1 cervical cancer last week although this was the grade at the end of December when my biopsy was taken unfortunately due to backlog and lack of communication I wasn’t told until last week. I was wondering if any of you had had a similar experience and knew how much it could’ve grown in 4 months and what stage I may be at now. I’ve had my MRI and my treatment meeting is on Wednesday. Thanks in advance

Hi @Jules3, I’m very sorry you are finding yourself here.

My situation isn’t the same but my biopsy was done before Christmas, I was given my diagnosis in January of 1b1, my surgery was in March and still staged 1b1. I was told that they might not find anything as they could’ve got it all during the LLETZ, I believe this is more likely with 1A1, have they told you whether they got clear margins on your biopsy or whether you require any further treatment? X

Thanks for your reply, no they haven’t told me anything really, but they did mention there is a possibility they got it out during LLETZ but didn’t mention margins. It gives me hope that the 4 months period I was waiting for my biopsy might not have changed the grading much. They did say they would recommend a hysterectomy.
Hope you are recovering well after your operation Xx

I had lletz in October staged 1a1 (adenocarcinoma) but no clear margins, MRI and CT, second lletz in November and confirmed no further cancer found in December. I was also recommended to have hysterectomy which I had in February- they found further CGIN (precancerous cells) in my remaining cervix but no further cancer.
Hope you get some answers soon- the waiting is the hardest part x