Just diagnosed and numb

This website has been a godsend. Just got diagnosed on Friday, 2 weeks after my lletz treatment. Waiting for Mri then will get told staging, hopefully stage 1.

Sorry to have you here. It's a horrible time.  

Lots of lovely ladies here with positive stories and lots of information  x 

Hope time goes quickly till you get your results x 

Hiya! :-)

Sorry you have had to find us but glad you have :-) This is the best place in the world to answer any questions or to have a moan or a cry, we're here to support you. Just keep away from Google :-) Fingers crossed it's a stage 1 :-)

Be lucky :-)


Agree with ^^^. Sorry you find yourself in this position, but you've come to the right place! Fingers crossed for your staging and treatment plan.

Thanks for you replies ladies. Feel like in limbo land just now waiting for date for mri scan.  Today finally pain ceased which I have had for 3 weeks since the lletz treatment. Hopefully start feeling a bit better now till the next round starts. Dr already told me I will be getting radical hysterectomy. Lost so much blood since the lletz my blood is low so prob have to get b12 injections too to add to the joy!

Still no date for Mri, very frustrating, just want to get things moving now!

Just wanted to send you a hug - waiting around must be dreadful. Hoping the B12 jabs aren't too horrid


Be lucky :-)

Hi :)

This is My first ever comment on here been lurking for a while. 

Just wanted to say I know what you are going through. 

I was diagnosed 4 weeks ago. I had 2 lletz treatments before they confirmed cancer. I was told it was very early (1a2)  but that I needed an mri. I had that on the 1st Feb,  and then was told at the hospital last Friday that it was contained and was stage 1a2 as they thought. I am now waiting for a date for a simple hysterectomy,  I have been told it will be before the 6th March which is good,  but wish I knew for definate. I was also diagnosed with anaemia so will need a blood transfusion before I have the surgery,  oh and I'm type 2 diabetic aswell, just to add to the list. I have 3 children and the things that go through your mind.. well I'm trying to stay positive,  but I just keep thinking why haven't they took it out yet,  what if it's growing and spreading etc.  Good luck with your mri,  big hugs xx

Me too Emma79, type 2 diabetic to add to the problems. That's great it was all contained. i got a letter throught today and could see it was from hospital, thought it was finally about Mri, opened it to find an appointment for my annual diabetic retinopathy! So still waiting.

Oh god,  how rubbish. We are very similar then,  I was told I will probs have to have an insulin driver in for the surgery to control my sugars,  but other than that it shouldn't affect me, as I had been worrying. Hope you hear soon xx

so finally gave in and phoned my cancer nurse, didn't want to be a nuisance but so glad I phoned. She was lovely and went through everything with me, turns out I didn't take in half of what the dr told me when he gave me the news it was cc (There's a surprise!). Can't get Mri until at least 7th March as they need to wait till all healed from the lletz surgery. I was on tenterhooks at every ring of the phone or letter coming in so at least I know now. Wish I'd phoned her sooner.

7th March isn't too much longer to wait now :-) And cancer nurses are lovely.

Be lucky :-)


Sorry to hear ur news but u have defo come to the right place and as everyone has said the waiting is the hardest part. I remember too well getting the same advice and t were right. 

I finishec treatment roughly 5 weeks ago and thats me back at work, not full time just yet but it's a start. What I'm trying to say is there is defo light at the end of the tunnel. I've not had the all clear just yet but I remain positive about it all. That would be another bit of advice is try remaining positive as it does help u through treatment. My saviour was defo makeup, I got up everyday and put my face on and faced the day, the amount of people that kept telling me how good I looked, so it was defo doing something lol. 

Anyway u try keep ur chin up and if u need to talk we are all here for u. 

Big hugs Nicola x 

At least you have heard something now, honestly it's the waiting around that drives you crazy.  I go in for my hysterectomy next Thursday, but only found that out because I too gave in and rent my cancer nurse. Xx

Finally got my Mri appt through, it's on 8th March, yay. Spoke to my nurse and she says my multi discipline meeting will be the next day, with surgery hopefully before the end of March if mri good result. Got another sick line from dr yesterday, first one that actually stated cervical cancer on it, starting to feel real now. am doing my best to stay positive, have given up on makeup lately cos I've not been at work. Been so blooming tired lucky if I even get out of my pj's most days! Emma79, golly when where they going to tell you about the surgery if you hadn't phoned, that's good you don't have long to wait though xx

Hi shazzal hope u did OK at mri good luck 

Hi ducky2000, mri was actually ok. I was in for an hour and they also injected dye which I didn't know they were going to do. My gp gave me diazepam to take and it def helped. The machine was so loud and noisy, like sitting under a ships horn! Multidiscipline meeting takes place today and my cancer nurse phoning me right after to tell me result and what treatment they decide so d-day today! Should hopefully know by lunchtime.

yours is on Thursday I think? Get something from your gp, the diazepam def helped with the anxiety. If you have not had mri it can be a bit overwhelming all the noise. They play music thru headphones but it's hard to hear. Good luck for yours x

So Mri results show no evidence of any further cancer and lymph nodes look to be clear - yay! Looks like staging is 1b1. Being booked in for a radical hysterectomy in next two weeks. Big relief.

Good luck today ducky 2000 for your Mir, fingers crossed you get good results too x


Great news! I am a 1b1 girl also. I had my rad hysterectomy back in October. I just had my 4 month check up last week and all's good! Good luck with your op. You can do this. You will still have days where you have the odd wobble but put your faith in your consultant xxx