Just diagnosed and numb

Diagnosed on Monday. Came as quite a shock as was just expecting a repeated lletz not to be told I have cancer. I can’t remember much from the appointment- if it was early stages or not but I am booked for MRI next Wednesday to see if spread to lymph nodes. I feel so anxious and sick since as I have no idea how bad this is. I vaguely remember consultant talking about a hysterectomy. What next ???

My heart goes outo to you.  How old are you? Cc is very treatable these days fingers crossed for you xxxxxx

Hello - I am 37 years.  TBH it has been a long journey to get here. Over the last 6 months in and out of hospital to have repeat biopsies as my results never stacked up.  Severe smear result, followed by cin 1 on 1st biopsy, then no abnormality on 2nd,  cin 2 on 3rd which was treated by lletz - then called back 4 weeks later for repeat lletz and told the rubbish news.  It's the waiting that's the hard part - as I am in limbo as to the next steps - you feel a little abandoned I suppose after they tell you but I am sure once tests are done things will start moving. 

I've used this website over the months for support but decided to join on my news . 

Just sending you love and support x 

Hi Blahblah :-)

Sorry for your diagnosis but so glad you have found us here. Please do NOT Google from now on, if you have any questions at all ask them here. We're all here to help you get through this.

So, you have been in and out of hospital having biopsies and what-have-yous for the last six months. Well that tells us that your cancer is nice and small and is not a great big monster staring back out at the doctors. And that means that it is very unlikely indeed to have spread to your lymph nodes.

In which case it is much more likely to be surgery than chemo or radiotherapy. And at 37 it is very unlikely to be a trachelectomy so it is most likely to be a hysterectomy.

You will feel scared and wobbly until you get the results of your MRI and your treatment plan, but I promise you that as soon as your treatment plan is in front of you you will feel heaps better :-)

This is very curable, try not to frighten yourself because you are going to be around for years and years to come, and the treatment is not too awful either :-)

Be lucky :-)

So sorry. This news is frightening. I will never forget the moment I found out. Forever changed. But it is treatable and you will start to feel better as you get answers. Prayers and thoughts are with you. 

Thanks all for kind words and support.  I am sure I will have many questions when I know what I am dealing with.  

I get moments when I forget (not often)  can you believe but then come back to earth with a thump!! 

Another 10 days wait i hope and then can start taking the next steps.

Did you go to work in between?

I hope you are all well x x 


I have been working here and there and a lot from home. It seems like with each step there is a waiting period so I didn't want to use up too much pto or short term disability before I knew what my treatment plan was and how long I would need to be out for that. I still don't really know. I am scheduled for surgery April 18th and will need seVeral weeks off after that and potentially more treatment depending on the results. It's tough to work during the waiting periods but also good to stay busy.

Thank you for the support it is a definite comfort.  Well I am booked in to see the consultant tomorrow and then onto mri.   Hope I stop spinning a bit tomorrow.  

Hello, hang in there! We know it's hard to deal with at this point but once you get to speak with your consultants, you will have a better perspective of things. You will know that there are several treatment options and things will be better.

You will find a lot of great support and relevant info here. Sending you warm hugs!x


I thought I would pop back and update you on my story as your support, kind words and wisdom  have got me through the last few weeks. 

Well my 2nd biopsy came back clear as did my mri so no further treatment was recommended for now and moved to 3 monthly check ups.  They did find something wrong with my appendix though so being refered to another consultant so the anxious wait starts again with that one with a ct scan on Friday.  

I did end up in A&E on Monday - with a very scary severe bleed- an hour after being told mri was clear - but all OK now i hope and resting.

Big hugs to you all on your journeys - and my thoughts and prayers are with you always x x