Newly diagnosed

after a Lletz operation, I have, today been diagnosed with very early cervical cancer.  I was not expecting this but I'm trying to stay positive.... As this is very early, can anyone offer any advice? I am wsiting to book my MRI scam but I am worried sick....

They say I will have to go back for another Lletz treatment but what if it has spread?  MRI is not yet booked and I'm already worried!! I want to have kids in the future... I'm only 33.... What if I can't?  

Hi Anna, 


I am so sorry to hear you have been diagnosed. the waiting in between appointments is a rreally hard and anxious time as you are kind of unsure of what is going on. Try to remain positive (easier said than done I know). I was diagnosed with early stage earlier this year and had two LLETZ procedures, which ended up being sufficient, so there are 'good' stories out there. Massive hugs xxx

Thank you!  It is so nice to hear good news and I am glad all ok with you.  I am trying to stay positive and hope that my MRI scan is clear.  It is just the waiting that is frustrating!!!  Glad there are some good stories out there! xx

Hi honey,

sorry to hear of your diagnosis. Depending on what stage you are, small procedures may be enough. I will be having a radical hysterectomy, but that is because I have no more use for my bits! There are other options for girls still wanting to have children, and it seems that the professionals are pretty good at taking that into account whe deciding on your treatment.

you are entering a bit of a weird time in your life, the term 'roller coaster' is used a lot on here, and is correct! There will be lots of waiting, which is the pits. Try not to google too much, use Jo's, and don't be afraid to ring and chance up results or information.

sending big hugs,

Molly xxxxx

Hi Anna,

I was diagnosed yesterday as well so you're my "groupie" and we can be buddies if you want. I can honestly tell you that I know how it feels, my life has been thrown into emotional chaos and I am a bit teary. My diagnosis was early as well but it still needs to be staged and the PET scan next will tell if it's spread, I'm so nervous about these results as well.

The best advice I received from "my" coordinator was to expect the next two weeks to be tough but to deal with it step by step.

So today we are lucky to have been diagnosed so early.


The Doctor told me that I should buy a lottery ticket.


My smear showed borderline changes.

My colposcopy showed NOTHING. 

The biopsy was taken to rule everything out and came back cancerous.

The Doctor is confident that it is very early. 

He said that had I not gone for the smear then I would not have know for a while that anything was amiss.


I am holding on to that and praying that he and the coordinator have told me that it is early and the earlier the better.


Hugs and if you want my private email I can send it to you and you can mail me when you want.




Thank you Molly! This site has been so helpful and has made me so much more positive.  It is just the waiting that is frustrating.... My scan is tomorrow so I guess I will receive my results in a week - is this correct? My doctor said 48 hours but the nurse said it could be a week? Thank you for your message... I realise that I am not alone and need to be strong!!

Thank you! Xxx

Yes, I too, have been told that as it's very early stage, they mat have caught all the cancerous cells... The scan will tell all tomorrow I guess! 

Luckily they caught it just in time!! Just shows how important it is to go for a smear...!  Mine can only be seen under a microscope so would not have been picked up any other way...

when is your scan?  Not looking forward to it and can't wait for this all to be over xx

My scan is either next Tuesday of next Thursday, the Coordinator has to confirm. I would imagine that the results would be within days, rather than weeks The consultant will then take these results with the biopsy results to the team meeting and discuss treatment.

He already said that if it has not spread then he would rec a fll hystorectomy, if it has then radiaton will be done as well.

When is yours? 


Fingers X...