Diagnosed with cervil cancer

Hi guys I’m new to all this, I’ve just had the dreaded news that I have cervical cancer after a number of smears this past year. CIN 3 and hpv :pensive: if anyone has any advice on what the next steps are would be so grateful. I’m waiting for a phoncall regarding another lettz procedure this time I will be asleep so they can check deeper I’m just so worried. I dont think it’s actually sunk in yet to be honest. Any advice or some one to talk to would be great. Thank you

Hi Sarah. Sorry to hear your news. I also had a cervical cancer diagnosis a couple of years ago. Mine was found after a lletz procedure; luckily very early stage. There was a really good thread at the time which helped me through it. I thought it might help you too.
Here it is:

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Thank you for your reply il have a look through. Just feel like I’m living in a bubble at the min ! Mine was found through lettz too they are wanting me to be put to sleep and re do the procedure in April hopefully I won’t be waiting too long for answers x

I had this too, second lletz by general anaesthetic. The second lletz was completely clear of abnormalities, they had actually removed everything in the first lletz. Did you get any indication of what they have found?

Yes they have told me cancer cells have been found and also pre cancer, they do think they got all the cancer in the first lettz too but still pre cancer cells there, they want to go in and have another look. Fingers crossed they get it all this time I’m just so worried thinking the worse that it’s spread and assorts but I suppose everyone will think like that :pensive: need it to be the 19th so I can get it done with and find out exactly what I’m dealing with. Thanks again for ur advice it means a lot

I was having bleeding between periods and also after intercorse which made me ring the drs for a smear, they have all been abnormal since :weary:

Hi Sarah. I hope you’re doing ok.

I was diagnosed just over two months ago. They found the cancer stage 1a1 in my first lletz and since this I had the same procedure done again under GA. I got clear margins from this and everything has went away. It was a worrying time emotionally but luckily it had been caught in time and cured without needing any major surgery. Just need to hope my next smears are ok.

Sending love, and here if you have any questions xxxxxx


This sounds just like what happened to me. It’s a bit of an emotional rollercoaster at first. I had cancer cells found in the first lletz, followed by a second lletz under general anesthetic. This was completely clear, luckily. Every check up since has been HPV negative (this was 2 years ago). They wanted to put me back into 3 yearly recall but I insisted on yearly as that’s what was agreed by MDT at the time. However, it’s comforting to know that they consider me to be very low risk now. If you have any questions, please ask!

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Thanks so much for the kind words :heart: Iv been for the pre op assessment and waiting for the 19th now to be put to sleep. Hoping and preying that they get it all. Can’t face telling my children that I’m Ill

Hi just an update in case anyone was wondering how I was doing. O got put to sleep on 19th of April. Just waiting on results they said 7-10 days but my discharge papers did say -scc of cervix & extensive CIN3 anyone else had this please ?