Diagnosis and treatment (fertility mentioned)

So I was diagnosed with early stage cervical cancer in September after a colposcopy and Lletz treatment.  I had an MRI scan and luckily it has not spread. Yesterday I went in for my second Llletz treatment and I am now waiting for my results. The doctor seems to be positive and thinks that this will be the only treatment needed but I can't help but worry....what if it is a negative result?  I am only 33 and I am desperate to have kids - so scared.....

Sending you a big cuddle hun. This is a scary time but please know you are not alone. I had my lletz on Tuesday and was told originally it was cin3 but after he had had a better look, it looks more suspect. The wait is the worst bit by far. I too, like you, am desperate to have kids. I have been assured that the lletz will not affect my chances of conception and they will carefully monitor any pregnancies. We will be OK my friend. At least it has been caught early. There are many women who have had several lletz and gone on to have lots of babies, I remain positive and hopeful (even if sometimes all you wanna do is scream and stuff your face with choco!)

Here if you need to rant! Jos really is an amazing place xxx

Hi Anna, I was in the same position as you earlier this year, amd whilst I obviously cannot say what is going to happen with your results, after my 2nd LLETZ I was found clear of cancer and CIN. I have also just had my first follow up smear which was negative and hpv neg too! So I know its easy to say don"t worry etc, when you can't help but think of every possible outcome, but you can only deal with what you know is fact! I hope the results hurry through for you, mine took about 10-14days so you shouldn't be waiting long! massive hugs. xx

Hi. Following a Lletz on 24th October, I was diagnosed with CIN 3 and CC yesterday. They are unsure of the staging as it is not of a usual appearance. Apparently they had to get a second opinion from the lead of CC in the country :\  I am due to have  further lletz on the 26th under general anaesthetic to properly stage the cancer. They have confirmed that a total hysterectomy is the minimum I can expect. I am only 32 but lucky enough to have had 2 wonderful children. They are 2 and 6 months old. Hopefully your results and treatment can be worked to allow you to reach your dreams x