Unexpected results!

Had my lletz 2 weeks ago, last week had an infection that cleared up, this week excessive bleedin. Gp referred me to emergency gyne today to have a look. He sat me down and asked if I was aware they had removed quite a lot which I wasnt. He suggested bringing the husband in - alarm bells- and explained they had found a small area of cancer amongst the lletz sample. He stressed it was early and they would be having an mdt meeting this week and would then discuss with me what's next but it's likely another of the same procedure. Naturally i'm pretty shocked but know I should be grateful it's been found early. 

He went on to cauterise my cervix - he showed me how large an area it was And prescribed some tablets to help stop the bleeding. 

really crazy unexpected day I just wanted to write it down somewhere really. 

Big hugs I had same chat found early and if I wanted children there would have been options. 

It's such a shock initially and the waiting around is the worst part, stay positive and keep busy would be my best advice. 

lots of love you came to the right place for support, it's a great help xxxx

I've just had a letter saying I have high grade dyskaryosis. Previous smears have been normal. Was this the first time that you had an abnormal screening?

First abnormal smear for me, but the fact you are up to date with your smears is a good thing. Try not to worry I have seen people who have had high grade who have been and it was actually low grade so try not to worry xxx

Hi Clojo, firstly i'm sorry you're going through this and big hugs. I am in the same position as you so hope we can keep in touch along the way, i had 2 small areas of cancer found after lletz (they haven't told me exactly how big but when i asked what stage they said 1a1) and am booked in to have a cone biopsy next week. Not sure what happens after that as i wasn't really told. Just out of interest did they tell you how much was removed? I have been told 1.5cm was removed and that this was more than normal but i have no idea what proportion of my cervix that is (i don't know how long they normally are?). Would be interesting to compare. Let us know what the next step is for you when you find out. xxx

Thank you all so much for your replies!


Sarah I hope you are recovering well xxx


King219305, my first smear 2 years ago was borderline/abnormal but was told it was ok to continue ttc, I reveieved a moderate smear during early pregnancy and has colposcopys throughout and another moderate smear this july. Lletz have revealed the small area of CC. Its so individual, I would tell you to try not to worry but know it can be impossible as Sarah said and my consultant for original colposcopy sometimes when they have a look it can be downgraded so she wasn't even set on lletz till she looked. Good luck to you xx


Jojo, big hugs right back! At the moment I know very little aside from a little picture he drew to try and reassure me and my husband yesterday. I hadn't been called in or anything yet it was a complete fluke that the GP sent me there as she wasn't comfortable with how much I was bleeding at doctors surgery. The first thing the consultant who got me sorted yesterday said is 'are you aware you had a large area removed' which I wasn't then he went on to tell me what they had found. Next thing I know I was being cauterised again. It actually feels totally foggy in my brain today. He said there is 1 small area and they will either remove more for a bigger margin or theres a chance they might not need to but has said I will know more after the mdt meeting. I'm not sure exactly how much they removed, I will ask though when I get called in. I'm determined to stay away from anything aside from this website and have just been writing questions down on my phone as and when they come to me. Some I'll never ask as theyre straight up ridiculous 3am weird thought questions but the sensible ones I will be making full notes on. 

Will let you know as I know more though and heaps of well wishes your direction for the 6th! xxx

I know what you mean about the foggy brain and the weird 3am questions! Thank you for the well wishes and same to you. Keep in touch :) xxx