hi I recently had a colposcopy, the biopsy revealed I have cin3 and high risk hpv. They booked me into have a lleetz for 6 weeks time but I begged them to make it sooner and now it's next week. Is there a chance I will be told I have cancer? Or would this of shown on the biopsy already? I'm terrified and imagining the worst. Please help :-(

Hi I have got exactly the same diagnosis and same concerns. My lettz is booked by 22nd June only got results yesterday not had my letter yer. I am terrified. Hope you get the results you want xx

Hello, I was just passing by and saw your post here. I had Lletz done 3 weeks ago today. My results came back as CIN3. I had my treatment all done on the same day And I got the results/diagnosis last week. It would appear lletz is very successful 95% I saw on the nhs website. I haven't been discharged yet and am due to return to the hospital in November for a 'Test for cure' checkup.  I feel much more positive about it all now but it's been a horrible experience from the word go. There are some great people with advice on here, I found it very helpful. It's the waiting round that gets you the most, but you will get through it.  Chin Up. x


I'm kind of in the samer boat too.. I had colposcopy on 28th May which showed abnormal cells on my cervix over a large area. No biopsies or anything were taken and I am scheduled for Lletz treatment next week under GA (because i suffer with low platelets they want to do it in a more controlled environment rather than under local) - i'm so nervous!!

Presumably, if you've had biopsies taken at your colposcopy and if it was cancer, it would have shown on the histopathology of the biopsy taken so try not to stress! xxx



Hi LadyG90, 

We sound pretty similar! I have CIN3 with my LLETZ booked for 01/06/15 and I also have low platelets (thrombocytopenia). They have booked me for LA  but I'm concerned as I think I should be under GA. I don't think my hospital have my records about this or they have missed it. I'm going to call them tomorrow to see what they say. It would be interesting to see how you get on as I'm really concerned Im going to bleed for ages! How you feeling about it all?