New to this

Hi there

I am new to this site however have found it really helpful and heart warming how lovely everyone is.

I had an abnormal smear at the beginning of the year which was 'borderline' changes.

I was called back and rec'd LETTZ just before Easter. I was then called back on 18/04/13 to be advised that it was in fact cancer. They stated they reckon they had got it all but referred me for chest xray, blood test and MRI.

Had my MRI on Wednesday and was called back yesterday, i was told that it was clear however they want me to come in on Monday for an operation - more LLETZ and some lymph nodes to be taken. 

Im feeling really scared, it all seems to be happening very quickly (i know this is good) but still very scary.

I have been advised that the cancer was squamous cells and stage 1b1.

Any info be greatly received



K x 

Hi K, Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I was 1B1 too but had to have a rad hyst as well as the lymph nodes removed. It sounds positive that they have caught it nice and early if you are having a lletz rather than further surgery. It does all happen very quickly doesn't it? Being scared is completely normal and expected, as are all the other emotions on this rollercoaster. I hope your op goes well. Do keep us posted xx

Hi Jo

thank you for replying to me and your kinds words.

The surgery has been done, in pain but am sure this is normal, just waiting on results now.

I seen your posts and hope you are ok? 

Thanks again

K x

Hi Kelly,


just seen your post.  Hope you're ok after the procedure you had and that you wont be kept waiting too long for results. I'd dont think you would be human if you weren't scared - its a completely normal reaction to have but all you have said sounds promising.  Let us now how you are


Hi Andrea

I just wanted to say thank you for replying to me. 

Treatment seemed to go ok, very sore etc but Im sure thats normal, get the results on Thursday hopefully. 

Thank you for your kind words, I feel a bit of a drama queen compared to what some of the ladies on this forum are dealing with. It really warms my heart though how lovely and caring everyone is. This is such a great site.

I hope you are well? and congrats on the all clear - really pleased for you.

Thanks again xx

There's always someone going through something worse, but that doesn't mean that you aren't entitled to feel whatever you feel about what happened to you. 

I keep finding myself quoting Rachel from Friends, admittedly out of context: "It's not that common, it doesn't happen to everyone, and it IS a big deal" Laughing

Anyhow, I wish you all the best for your results on Thursday and let's hope you have lovely big clear margins. xxxx

Hi lovely ladies.

Im very sorry for the delay in the update, had some computer isues!

I just wanted to thank you all for the support you and this wonderful site have given me.

I received my results and they came back clear :-) just on regular checks now. 

Thanks for your support


K x