Delaying second LLETZ

My first post on this forum, have been feeling very scared and haven’t spoken to anyone about this.

I underwent LLETZ due to CIN3 after my first ever smear test in my early 20s. I found the experience very traumatic and nothing was explained to me. I experienced pain during sex for years after due to scarring, which meant I wasn’t able to enjoy sex during my entire 20s. It wasn’t until my 30s that I even found the language to explain or advocate for myself and what I had been through as a young woman.

Many years later I am 38, and after clear cervical screenings I have been diagnosed with hpv and CIN2. Again, the communication has not been great as my colposcopy test results were initially mixed up (I was initially told I was fine, and then received a different letter telling me my results were more serious and I’d have to come back to treatment). Even down to getting my colposcopy and the doctor telling me whilst I was in stirrups and speculum that she was going to put matches inside me to stop my bleeding (I started having a panic attack).

I’ve been told that due to my previous LLETZ that it’s recommended I have LLETZ again. But I’m so scared based on last time that I’ve asked to delay it by 6 months to see if things improve. I’m worried there will be little of my cervix left, that I will experience further pain from scarring - and it saddens me that most of the judgement around if it’s worth preserving my cervix is based on if I plan on having children in the near future.

I’m also a woman of colour, and I know that statistically our experiences of pain can be minimised by the NHS due to bias.

Basically I’m really scared. I had a very bad experience of LLETZ and I really don’t want to have to do it again. But I’m also worried that my CIN2 might progress to a point where LLETZ alone might not be enough. My next smear / colposcopy is scheduled for 6 months and I am trying to do everything within my power to boost my immune system.

Has anyone been through more than one LLETZ?

Has anyone else experienced prolonged pain following the procedure?

Have any other WOC felt anxiety / confusion / lack of communication around treatments?

Has anyone managed to clear HPV / CIN without LLETZ?

I would love some support. So grateful to find somewhere I can connect with people as this has been overhanging me for months.

Hi Lulu3 I’m sorry to hear of what you’ve been through. I have had 3 LLETZ procedures all under local anaesthetic and am fortunate to have had no lasting pain after the short post op period. I believe you can ask for it to be done under general anaesthetic so that might be worth discussing with your team. I do understand regarding poor communication - I didn’t even know I was going in for a third LLETZ I was just told it was a consultant appointment so had no time to emotionally or practically prepare! But would I do it again - yes- as I still haven’t had clear margins I might need more treatment (don’t know what yet) but at least I know every effort is being made to remove it. Mine is CIN3 so unlikely to go away on its own. I wish you well x

Hi Lulu
I am not a woman of colour nor have I had a LLETZ but I can understand you are scared and apprehensive about the process especially after your horrible experiences before.

No one can make you have a LLETZ. You are in control of what happens to your body. I can understand you don’t want it to get worse. Cell changes can regress in women in their late 30s and beyond but it might be harder

Some users have added what supplements they are taking to help clear HPV to a topic on this forum. If you search ‘toolkit’ it should come up x