Confusing results

Hi… I’m new to this forum. I signed up this morning after googling my results. I’m looking for some reassurance and advice please…I’m seriously worried x

My story starts in Jan 16…I attended the colposcopy clinic after my smear showed low grade Dyskariosis and high risk HPV. I had a biopsy taken and had to go back to have the cold coagulation done. I then attended my 6 month smear at the beginning of July. It came back showing high grade (moderate) dyskariosis. So back to colposcopy I went. That was two weeks ago. The results have arrived this morning… Showing… Inflammation, possible low grade CIN 1 and viral changes. I have no idea what the inflammation part means or the viral changes. The letter says" As there is a discrepancy between the referring smear and my colposcopy impression and the biopsy results, we will review your case in the Colposcopy MDT which will be held on 10/08/16 and write to you with our decisions". Please can anyone offer any advice. It’s a worrying time. Thank you x

Hi, this sounds quite reassuring. CIN1 is low grade and sometimes the body can clear this on its own.

The inflammation will probably be due to the Viral changes. Basically the HPV virus. I've read on here that the body usually gets rid of this but to help your body do this, by stopping smoking, eating right etc.. 

The MDT meeting will be so they can discuss your results with a few other pathologists and see if you need any further treatment like the LLETZ. 

I too am waiting for them to discuss my results on the 10/8 so fingers crossed we both get sorted.

Gemma x 

Thank you Gemma.

 I appreciate your reply. I feel a little reassured now. Hopefully we will both get sorted on the 10th. 

Good Luck 

Emma x

Hi I'm new here and basically just looking to talk to someone in the same situation I am 28 with 4 children had my smear two weeks ago and it showed high grade dyskaryosis(sorry about spelling). It said I would have a refer to a hospital with I got the letter the same day for a hospital appointment 2 days later I'm really worried after having the colposcopy I also had a biopsy and am not awaiting results

Hi Danieuk871, 

I understand your worry  I too am worrying like mad. I have only been going through this since January but in this short time, I have realised they are pretty on the ball at all times....posting out results and follow up appointments all generally happen within a few weeks. I feel reassured when I think of it like this.

What is it that you want to know?  Are you clear on treatments?   

I had a biopsy on the 20th July and my results came this morning. Things seem to happen quickly and usually within a two week time frame, I have found. 

Best wishes Emma X