Confused results help

Hi there, this journey seems never ending.
So after my smear in January, i had the results of HPV positive and low grade dyskaryosis. Sent for colposcopy, had biopsies… biopsies results came back as “unable to get enough information, repeat”.
Went back in May and had biopsies done again. The nurse said my cervix just looked a bit inflamed which usually coincides with active HPV. She took 3 biopsies. Today i recieved a letter saying, Laboratory confirmed the presence of CIN2-3, and that my case was to be discussed at a multidisciplinary meeting end of July. The nurse added her direct number for me to call, so i did.
She said my results were actually ungradable and that she’d put CIN 2-3 so not to confuse me!!! Well, that didnt work! She said because my smear was low grade dyskaryosis, 1st biopsies unreadable and this one ungradable, they want to discuss if i need treatment or not, or whether to have MORE biopsies or a smear in 12months. She said she her opinion was that it was just inflammation from HPV, but they combine all evidence and make a decision. Has anyone else had this happen!??xx

Hello, this has not happened to me but what I understand about HPV is that most CIN 1 do go back to normal , CIN 2 sometimes treatment and CIN 3 they always recommend treatment. Age is also a major factor so under 30 most people clear it without treatment. Good luck hopefully you can get some answers soon but definitely don’t worry it looks like is very early stages totally treatable.