Confused about results


i hope someone can shed some light on this, i had my 1st smear at the start of august just before i was 25 a week later it came back saying i had severe grade dyskaryosis and would need go along for a colposcopy, 5 days later i had the colposcopy and the sister explained what the results meant and that she would do the treatment there and then, but when having a look she said she couldnt do anything today and would need to take a biopsy(not sure why, maybe i should of asked!) but she agreed that i did have severe cell change , i have now received the results after a horrible wait and was thrilled that it only showed cin1 however it says futher investigations need to be made? and also a full blood count is needed what does that mean? when i spoke to the doctor about these results he was certain i would have cin3 and need treatment, so rather confused about the result, has anybody had the same did you have to have another biopsy?

if anyone can help i would be greatful!


Hi, I think I’d call the colposcopy unit or your gp and explain that you are confused by what they have told you and see if someone can explain for you and put your mind at rest.

Hi, sometimes smear results dont match what they find when they have a closer look during a colposcopy. It sounds as though the nurse didnt find what she was expecting so decided to air on the side of caution and just do a biopsy rather than subjecting you to treatment that you may not need. I do think it would be worth ringing the unit and ask them to clarify what the next steps are, knowing what is going to happen next can go a long way to lessening the anxiety of not knowing what the hell is going on.