I received my letter today after having lletz, it's says that it confirms the changes but there is nothing more serious and I need a check up in 6 months, I know this is good news but should it not say that the cin 2 had been removed?? Or do they not do this, worried now it's still there and may get worse in 6 months!!! Any help is much appreciated thanks 


Pleased for you hun with the results.  I have my lletz Mon and starting to feel anxious.  Especially with the burning smell as I have a very sensitive gag reflex!  Urgh.  Give the clinic a ring and ask for clarity,  squeaky wgeel gets the oil,  that's what my mum always told me :) xxx

Wheel not wgeel lol!  Bloody fat fingers!  Xx

Thanks nia, and good luck to you, and believe me the lletz wasn't all that bad I was petrified!! Was just expecting a letter saying they have removed the cin 2 cells but it doesn't say that so abit confused, will ring them on Monday I think 






I have had the same letter only mine said I have Letz result of CIN UNGRADED


I was diagnosed a month ago with CIN ll so shouldnt it say that?


I am going to ring them tomorrow ! Xx

Hiya! I had lletz in April, when I got my letter it said something along the lines of - biopsies confirmed CIN3, and I had been discharged from clinic but need a smear test in 6 months. Nothing about how successful the lletz was or anything.  Hope this helps xx

Hi, mine just says biopsy confirm changes, I was expecting a letter saying lletz was successful :/ maybe this is normal then, I haven't been discharge it has a appointment for April, it's all confusing to me 

Hi everyone- i spoke to the nurse on the unit where i had my lletz- she said that if you get a letter with "biopsy or lab confirmed CIN etc etc" then it means they have taken it all off


If it hadn't come off the letter would be inviting you back for a second treatment that month. She said


Hope that helps !

Hi rosie, thank you for confirming this, it's great news, I was supposed to phone my clinic but to be honest I'm 1 that doesn't like to bother people. But thank you very much for letting me know this information.