Having a moment - would someone mind convincing me that this is positive news...

Hi All,

Finally had my results from LLETZ today. It has confirmed CIN 3 and says "this has been completely removed & you should now be fully treated" - Yey!

While I'm totally happy with this, I'm feeling a bit down just because my initial letter said CIN1 no treatment expected, my biopsy showed CIN2 and tratment needed, I then waited nearly 4 months for LLETZ and it now seems it became CIN3. I know its gone (hopefully) & this is good but the fact it was clearly getting worse has left me a little shaken.

Baahhh why can't I ever focus on the good bits! :) It's gone*waves a yey! flag*

If anyone fancies reminding me to be positive I'd greatly appreciate it! :)

Hope you are all well.

K x



You should feel relief now Hun as they now no it's all gone I had this done and now waiting further treatment so now you been told they got it all you should feel fantastic but us being woman will always worry specially on your next planned smear I recon you be on 6 month check ups I guess when you have your next smear and it comes back clear you will feel much more positive well done on your great results and try to stay positive that they have told you your all clear big hugs xxx

Hi Kupcake

So glad that your results are back and that it's good news. I think it's understandable to feel as you do - something along the lines of it being like a near miss/ it could have been me but it wasn't - I'm sure it can take a while for the relief to set in after a stressful experience. Even working out probabilities hasn't stopped the nagging little voice in my head (by my reckoning I have 1% chance of my lletz results being more sinister than CIN3).
It's great that they got to it this early and are confident that it's all been removed. Lletz is a very effective treatment and you're in the system now so I'm sure they'd pick up any future problems (also rare) very quickly. I know you'll feel much better once that 6 month smear test comes back clear but hope you can put this chapter behind you and embrace your life with joy again.
Thank you for being there for me and for 'holding my hand' through the process when I needed it. Xxx

Hello Ladies,

Thank you for your kind words! I'm feeling better. Fingers crossed for the 6 month checkup.

Hope you're doing ok.


K x