Can anyone help...


abnormal smear in November showing CIN3 :( following this I had the LLETZ treatment in December and thought that would be it.. results and then a follow up smear in 6 months as this was what I was told at the hospital. Following this I enjoy Xmas and then receive a text message saying that I have an appointment on the 3rd Jan (no letter in the post like I expected with the 6 month appointment) so I rang the number from the text only to be told - " the specialist wants to discusa the results with you at the appointment! Obviously now I am left panicking and worrying what the hell is going to happen now and have a week to wait :( can anyone shed any light please as we were thinking of starting a family Which the hospital know about.

thank you - any help is appreciated.


Hiya hun awww big hug to you i have CIN3  waiting for lletz under GA  in few week try not to worry ltho i no it is hard not to i no that some hosspitls do wont to see you face to face weathe good or bad news every NHS is difffent  i hope you get on ok plz let  us no  u r wellcome to PM me if you like xxxxx

I had lletz treatment nearly 3 week ago for wat she thinks cin 2/3 and still waiting on results...did she tell u anything while having it done? My nurse explained size of cells and her opinion on the severity of it x

Thanks for your replies :) they told me before I went for the lletz that it was CIN3 just from my smear test so then I went and had the treatment 2 weeks ago. The doctor didn't say anything about the cells just that he was happy with the treatment and it went well basically! I just assumed that in 6 months time I would get a letter about a smear and this would determine how successful the treatment had been! Not to have to go back in my 4th week after treatment! I can't understand what they r going to do/ say and just want to know a little!! Really hard that they don't tell you anything and then you just have to wait!! Rubbish news over Christmas :( 


I knew that I was going to get results but silly me I just thought it would be in the post to say that it was CIN3 and that in 6 months time they would check the treatment was a success !!xxx

Is there anyone on here that has been called back in their third week after LlETZ treatment who can just shed light on what they could possibly say?? I know each case is different but just want to hear a few possibilities. It's horrible just waiting and not knowing anything!! :( :( xx

Aww bless you i am dreading the wait for results after marie how long have ur reults been now ? Xx