Just got my results... i'm confused

Hello again guys!! 


So i had LLETZ on the 5th of this month, been waiting impatiently for my results which came today, and i got the all clear. 

I mean, full on there were no abnormalities type of all clear. 

Of course i am over the moon with this result, but i can't help but wonder... how?! 

My first smear result was graded as severe, i was asked to go for a colposcopy, to which the nurse told me she thought it was CIN2 or CIN3 (she used the dye and showed me the area she meant), took a biopsy and told me because of my age and the fact that i had no children, i would be called back in 6 months.

I then recieved a letter 3 weeks later saying during the MDT meeting they discussed my case and was asked to go back for another colposcopy and LLETZ. I went in, the nurse there (new one) said she couldnt see the previous area marked by the old nurse, but she did find something inside the opening to my cervix, she quickly turned off the screen and she then whopped it out with LLETZ and sent me on my merry way, telling me my results would be with me in 4 weeks. 

Im so worried that something is wrong. How can they go from severe, CIN2 or CIN 3 to absolutely nothing? surely it cant just, go away, in  a matter of weeks? 

I know im whining about this when i should be happy but im just so scared they've got it wrong and theres still something going on down there! 

anyone else been in a similar situation?! 

Rose xx

No wonder you are confused! Sounds like great news but I'd be like you and questioning it a bit. Have you tried calling the helpline on here or asking the panel message board? I messaged them and had an email.back within a couple of days. They are really helpful xx

I've left a couple of messages asking for a call back from the nurse that did my LLETZ, hopefully she will get back to me soon. 

I feel like a bit of an arse for questioning it but it seems impossible that it can just disappear!

I don't feel as bad today, just hoping for answers so I can go out and celebrate :) x