Confused-bleeding, discharge, growth

Hello all

Hoping for any support or advice. 47 years old, irregular periods for a year, sometimes go withut one for 2-3 months.

Nov 2020 - bleeding after sex prompted smear - results no HPV

Nurse saw growth on cervix and referred me. Appointment for referral July 2021! 
Returned to nurse in early January as bleeding got worse -re-examined, said what she saw was probably a polyp, reassured me a bit, so I chilled out.

Since then, post coital bleeding, plus random brown discharge for days (not period or sex related).
Went to Doctor this time... she examined me.....afterwards, she said she 'what I saw wasn't a classical polyp shape, so I will expedite your appointment'....
I asked her what she saw but she evaded the question, then waffled a bit. 

I tried to clarify what she saw, and she back-tracked saying it was very red, and I had an elongated cervix (?). I asked again if she had seen the polyp (whilst I was under examination she struggled to find it but then said 'oh that might be it' whilst probbing about, so I know she saw something?!)

She then said 'maybe its retracted, or gone back into uterus, sometimes they disappear'.... then said, when I go for colposcopy they will dye and test cells? 

She then proceeded to say 'I don't want to give you false reasurrance'... When I said I was worried, she nodded. I started asking more questions, she said she really needed to get on, and that best to wait for colposcopy. 


I'm REALLY anxious now... I don't understand why she indicated she saw something, but then said that sometimes polyps disappear. Ugh. Any words of wisdom greatly appreated xx





Hi, its reassuring that you're smear was hpv negative. I was concerned how they now only test for hpv and if negative don't test the cells for abnormalities but my colposcopy nurse said if there were abnormal cells there, hpv would be in their dna and would be picked up.

I'm wondering if maybe you have a cervical erosion. They're common but harmless. It's where the cells from inside the womb grow on the outside, it will make the cervix appear red or raw and will cause the type of bleeding you describe.  They can cauterize it at the colposcopy clinic x