Freaked out!

hi everyone.

i had a Normal pap with hpv so went back for colooscopy.  Dr said there was a small spot, doesn’t anticipate anything and repeat pap in 6 months.  “Don’t worry until I tell you to.”  Since then I have been bleeding like crazy.

Ive had all normal paps. I kept asking if something could be high up in my cervix?  He said “I’m looking at everything!”  I said but what if it’s high up, and he said he could see everything... I asked because of months of mid month bleeding, and gross weird discharge, plus back pain which seems to be easing with this bleeding from colposcopy (which this is my first late period in over a year.) I’m assuming it’s my period stimulated by the colposcopy.

He scheduled a 6 month pap.

....anyway.  Has anyone had a small spot on colposcopy and told it’s probably nothing and ended up different?  In my mind I’m fearing the worst.  this is so hard.

My mind is getting the best of me.

please.  Anything, any input would help right now.  


I’d love anyone’s input as I’m afraid.  Please help.

Did he take a biopsy to see what CIN it was?

I worry and overthink a lot so if that was me I’d want a second opinion 

i had my colposcopy a few week back, my smear found HPV and slightly abnormal cell changes. When I had my colposcopy my nurse said it wasn’t as bad as what the smear shown but she still took two biopsies to send off to see if I need any treatment

its your health and body so if you feel like you need a second opinion please get one, ring your doctor or nurse who took your smear to see what they say x

I think you should ask for a second opinion  I am sure they are right about the cervix, they've had a good look but you could have something else going on. I'm thinking endometriosis as one possibility that fits your symptoms. I think the HPV may be a red herring.

Thank you. My biopsie was supposed to be back Friday. So now I’m thinking they need more time ... why?  And it’s a vicious cycle!  THank you for your help.  It DOES help!

And also... I do have endometriosis.  I get yearly paps too all normal until this one... which actually did come back normal too, but with hpv.

I just want to update.  My biopsy came out clean.


Getting my biopsy results..... That in itself was a fiasco because the lab kept pushing off giving my results for days which made me think the worst possible thing. They were supposed to be back Friday and then Monday, and then DEFINITELY Tuesday Unless there was need for further testing.... you can imagine where my brain was last night... and they still weren’t back.  I called the lab, and Dr and made a big deal, yes but...  today I got the call.  Five days late and a million times the anxiety with each day.



My tests were negative.  Huge relief.  I expected the worst.


I wanted to update because so many of these threads end in people saying they will update and don’t.  That adds to the anxiety.

I had all the symptoms of advanced cervical cancer but I don’t have it which shows how the mind... and google... and the internet, gets the best of us.

My biopsy and tissue samples were negative and I hope this helps put others at ease.  

I do still have hpv and so I will be vigilant on keeping up to date on paps.