Please help advise- ongoing smear results

Hi it all started November 2012 I have my first smear as had discharge it came back- hpv high risk and mild, January 2013 I had a biopsy- result normal no hpv, swptember 2013 repeat smear- hpv and mild smear ..again.. October 2013 could not do biopsy as I was on blood thinning med as had dvt. They did take a smear again of the white area in colposcopy and it came back normal!! I have ongoing discharge and none the last two times I have bleed after inter course bright red blood and a little clot. I am on no hormone treatment, pills etc. and it wasn't caused because of ruff intercourse. I feel like there missing something! One min I have abnormal then normall all year.. Now the bleeding months of discharge. airs always like a 3/4 month wait at doctors. What should I do please someone I'm so scared. Iv had enough of this all year I would rather them be sure and so a cone thrust incase there missing something. I have a child and I'free asking out so bad.

Im so sorry you are going through all of this, I am a newbie, post coital bleeding last 2-3 years. Stupidly ignored it due to other health problems. I wish I could help or advise, I know how you feel about worrying that they have missed something. I have had clear smears, but now am worrying that the smears are not picking something up. Tbh I have raed on here about smears not always being a reliable indicator so its natural to worry. I'm there with you... Send you good vibes and luck. Just wanted you to know you are not alone xx hugs xx

Try not to worry ladies xxx

mild changes (CIN1) are common and usually self heeling and most people who have had sex have/carry HPV which causes cell changes but, as said, body usually self heals.

smears are good at spotting first signs of cell changes/cancer so are very important BUT do not catch all the rarer cases when they are further up in the cervix. Colposcopy es and changes are more common than you think, cc is not. Try not to worry, easier said than done, I know!!

good luck, fingers crossed for you

xxx dons

Have you read up and asked about erosion? It's not something I have experience of but at my smear nurse mentioned my walls looked sore so I looked it up. Also it has been mentioned a lot on here linked to bleeding after sex. Worth a look, see if it links to you as you've had clear smears.

if worried, keep going back to GP. it's your body, you know when something is wrong. Ask for second opinion. Explain the mental anguish u are going through.

good luck

xxx dons

Thank you so much for your replys. And I am going to the doctors tomorrow. I just want it sorted once and foyou'll thank you for all your comments, I really appreciate it as I feel very lost right now. With the abnormal then normal all year results then the bleeding and discharge. X