Hi guys I'll try to make this brief....

I've had a recent episode of bleeding after sex, it's happened before a few times, the first time was about 3 years ago, at this time (3years ago) I was also having pain around the left ovary area, so was referred for a transvaginal scan, all the scan showed was a very small uterine fibroid and I also was given all clear for any Sti or other infection, I then had a normal smear so just carried on ignoring any occasional post capital bleeding. However, since its been nearly 3 years since my last smear and I recently had this nasty bleed after sex I thought I would again speak to doctor! I actually ended up seeing the nurse who immediately referred me for an urgent 2 week wait appointment at the hospital, she did not examine me but because I have previously had treatment for cin3 over 10 years ago she said I should get it looked at.

So they ended up messing up my referral at doctors somehow and it had to be faxed through again, so they faxed it through to 2 different hospitals to see who could see me quickest, I had one reply from one hospital saying I didn't fit criteria for urgent referral and was given an appointment for 6 weeks time, the other hospital booked me an appointment for today which I have just got back from.

I was expecting a colcoscopy today, having read everyone else's stuff on here, but all I got was a load of questions by the gyno, he then told me I had cervical erosion before even looking at me, then he did look and said there was no erosion but he would do my smear while I was there as it is due, as he was doing it he said what he had done had caused a bleed, and said as he had stretched the cervix where it connects to the womb there was an area that bled. He did something with swabs and charcoal?? And stopped the bleed and will send my smear off for results, he.said nothing looks sinister to the naked eye. He offered me a further scan if I wanted one, but I just said I just want to know if I have cervical cancer, so I was then given some paperwork to discharge me from hospital.

I am totally confused, surely I should have been given a colcoscopy or booked for one, I still have unexplained bleeding after sex, I guess my worry is that I'm reliant on my smear result showing something but I have a feeling that that isn't showing anything up as maybe the problem lies deeper up the cervical canal? Even the gyno seemed confused as I didn't have advisable erosion and I have just finished 10 years of normal smears!

Any advice would be appreciated, should I demand a colcoscopy? Wait for my smear results? I'm probably panicking but I don't have erosion, don't have large enough fibroids to bleed, I'm not on the pill so it's not connected to that, my mom died at 48 to breast cancer and I just can't stand not knowing.

Thanks guys xx

Wow that does sound confusing,  I would go and speak to your gp and see what they say is the next logical step. Sending you positive vibes hun, waiting does suck!  Xx

Yeah sorry I realised I'd written a book after posting! X

Sorry guys I should of just kept it short and asked if anyone else had not been given a colcoscopy at their urgent 2week wait appointment? 


it sounds to me as though he had a blooming good look, which is the same as a colposcopy! I think what you ended up having was a smear and colposcopy in one. Doc probably had to do the smear as that would normally be the step before the colposcopy. should the nurse have done one before the referral, I wonder?

Try not to panic, wait for the smear results, and if they don't show anything but you're still worried I think you should ask for another colposcopy, when perhaps they might do a punch biopsy. PCB can happen for other reasons, so may be nothing serious.

best wishes,

Molly x