Confused about life with cin

Hi all
Well I got a shock a couple of months ago. I came home and picked up the mail. My smear tests came back abnormal was one and the other letter was for a colposcopy appointment. I went to the appointment and was told I had extensive cin 3 including in the cervical canal and needed lletz. She couldn’t do it then as I thought i was pregnant but did a punch biopsy. I miscarried a few days later so go the lletz last week. She had said originally that if I wasn’t pregnant I could try 6 weeks after the lletz. Now she’s saying 6 months after the next smear. The let’s was two months after the colposcopy. I really didn’t want to wait that long I’m an older mum already. She seemed judgemental to be honest at the thought of me having another baby :roll_eyes:.
She did say it takes 10 years for cin to grow and another 10 years to change to cancer but I’ve had all my smears on time except this one was a year late as I was pregnant when i was due it. It is the only one I spotted after as well. If it was ten years growth though how come the changes weren’t spotted. Even without checking for hpv the whole idea is that it notices cell changes. So not sure if mines fast growing. They seem to think my immune system is bad I get the pneumococcal vaccine every five years instead of once after sixty which I’m not where near yet so maybe that’s it.
I don’t know I just don’t know how to take all these opposite things from the same person. I’m pretty stressed over the whole thing to be honest. Anyway rant over needed to get it out to people who are more likely to understand than my husband

Hey @Pod

I would maybe request more information regarding results from your letz treatment and have a chat with your gp. Smears dont always pick up changes. My smear in late 2018 was no hpv and no abnormal cells. My next smear was due late 2021 but was pregnant so i was overdue my recent one by 2 years. This came back positive for cin 2 but after biopsy confirmed cancer and i am undergoing treatment for this now (hysterectomy and chemorads) I would personally hold off on trying for another baby until getting clarification on your letz results and your plan of action. I wish you all the best and feel free to reach out x