CIN3 experiences

Hi everyone it is my first time posting on here I was hoping for some help or reassurance.

I’m 25 and had my first smear a few months ago, came back as abnormal so I went for a colposcopy where I had a biopsy too.

My results from that came back saying I have CIN3 and I am booked in for my LLETZ treatment in a few weeks.

I am absolutely terrified - what does this mean? Is there a possibility that I have cervical cancer? Will I be able to have children in the future? What will happen after my LLETZ treatment?

So many things are running through my mind so was hoping to hear from someone who has been through similar. Thanks x

Hi @Inbound

As scary as the results are, no hun CIN3 is NOT cancer, its a precancer that has been caught early enough before it had the potential to turn cancerous, CIN can regress on its own they just dont know whos CIN will progress so everybody gets offered treatment when a high grade has been confirmed

You definitely will be able have children in your future :slight_smile: they will talk about small potential risks to future pregnancies and you would need to let the midwife know at the time youve had treatment in the past so youd be monitored a little more, but i was told by the hospital when i had my LLETZ in march that they dont worry much after a single treatment they just have to give you that information

Many of us have different experiences after the treatment itself, some can have bleeding the next day which is normal you just need to keep track of how much filling a pad an hour isnt normal, some just have a browny discharge and the bleeding comes later but you shouldnt be in pain some cramping can be normal… after a successful LLETZ treatment you will be offered a test of cure 6 months from your treatment date, this is just a smear to make sure the treatment has worked… if they they havnt got it all with a LLETZ you are offered more treatment straight away, they wouldnt leave abnormal cells behind for 6 months

I hope everything goes well with your treatment xx

Thank you so much for your reply, it’s really helpful and has helped to put my mind at rest slightly. There’s so much stuff on Google I think I’ve just made myself more anxious by reading it all!

I can’t wait for it all to be over, hopefully It’ll be the end of it once I’ve had the treatment xx

Hi @Inbound I have come across your post and wondered how you got on?
I have recently had a colposcopy and punch biopsy following an abnormal smear result, waiting on results now but I know I’ll also need LLETZ treatment under GA. X

Hi, sorry to hear that your going through the same it’s a real worry isn’t it.

All went well, I had my LLETZ 3 weeks ago, it was completely fine not much different to the colposcopy and was over in 5 mins.

I am now waiting for my letter which will confirm whether the LLETZ has worked or if I need further treatment. They said I should receive letter within 4 weeks so should be anytime now.

I hope all goes well with yours xx

Thank you, I hope you get your results soon too. X