Experiences with Lletz

Hi all
I had an abnormal smear last August and colposcopy. Cell were CIN1 so no treatment was needed.

This year they are now CIN3 - is this common to change from 1 to 3 in a year?

I had another colposcopy today and Lletz treatment. I did not feel the injection into my cervix at all - again is this normal?

The consultant could not see my whole cervix as he said I have some skin growing into my cervix - has anyone else had this?

He has taken a biopsy and should have results in 4 weeks.

Just panicking a bit :grimacing:

Hello :slight_smile:

Just wanted to share that I had just cell “inflammation” and then 8 months later my smear showed HSIL, had my colposcopy/biopsy and it was CIN2. My gyno is AMAZING and said that was pretty common and nothing to be overly
Concerned about!

As for not feeling the injection, I had my LEEP under general so I felt nothing lol but I have read multiple times on the forum that some women do report not feeling anything either.

Hope that helps you some! I’m sure others will share their experiences with you soon too :heart:

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