Confused 2nd colposcopy in 4 weeks?


I had a Colposcopy a month ago, I had the loop excision treatment and a biopsy was taken and the doctor said she would write to me with my results.

4 weeks on and I receive a letter saying they have made another appointment at the colposcopy clinic with the doctor who treated me, they have not mentioned any results and when I spoke to my GP a week ago he too had not recieved them. I rang the clinic to ask why the second colposcopy appointment had been made when I had only been treated 4 weeks ago but they couldnt tell me anything other than to keep my appointment.

I'm hoping it's just an NHS admin mix up but was wondering if anyone else had experienced this? Should I be concerned or as it has taken 4 weeks does that suggest that it is nothing serious?




I've recently had LLETZ treatment for CIN3 and also have an appointment back at the colposcopy clinic 4 weeks after my original treatment. In my case I was told at my initial appointment that I may be offered an appointment rather than receive my results by phone which I think is their usual procedure. They think I may have CGIN as well as CIN3 but haven't been able to confirm it yet so I may need further treatment which is why they said they'd offer a face to face appointment.